Sunday, October 08, 2006


Pathetic. We simply weren't ready for this one. THe players weren't ready. The coaches weren't ready.

-Where the fuck was Charles Scott? Why was he on the bench while our three headed monster of Hester/Broussard/Vincent were opening up the field with gains of 1, 2, and 3 yards? Its the same thing that bothered me after the AU game... if what we have out there ain't working then why not mix it up? The worst part is that Scott is obviously our best back this year.
-JaMarcus- where yo head at? Not a terrible performance... he just didn't really perform at all. There's no excuse for the fumble on the goal line, and the last interception was inexcusable... the ball shouldn't have been so high and so far behind our WR.
-Is it just me or does anyone else think Russell audibles into the worst plays ever. I swear LSU averages 1 yard a play on audibled plays.

-We had tackling issues. Landry and Daniels both were inconsistent in their tackling. One play they'd be great, the next they'd miss crucial tackles.

Special teams:
-I fail to understand why we have Chevis returning punts. Its obvious he ain't a great returner, and we saw once earlier this year that he drops balls... Not only that, after the muffed punt he would fair catch other punts over his shoulder while running backwards at our own ten-yard line. Jackson is a great cornerback, but he's not the man for the punt return job.
-I think Early is a good returner, and he played a great game at WR, but we can't afford idiotic mistakes like that. BTW why was the UF player down the field that damn fast? What were our blockers doing?
-Our punt formation is unnecessary and cost us. Line up like a normal team and punt the damn ball.
-I don't mind that Colt David missed a FG. It is plain that he is out best placekicker.

I don't understand the hype about Tim Tebow. His passes weren't exactly pretty. It isn't that he is a great player per se (he seems like a glorified full back)... the coaches just use him in very smart ways. That was good playcalling on his two TD passes. But as far as Tebow himself goes... I'm not that impressed yet.


Blogger S said...

play of the second half was when holliday jumped on the loose ball for a safety. otherwise it would have been way way worse. but still teh succ

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