Sunday, October 01, 2006

Thoughts on the Weekend

I have to admit... Saturday was one of the worst gameday experiences I've had at LSU. The 11:30 kickoff just threw everything off and made most of the day pretty forgettable. I enjoyed zero tailgating and went home to watch football until about halftime of the UGA-UM game. Its great that I actually got to watch more than two games... but ideally home games involve hours of tailgatiing leading up to the game. Anyway I left the LSU game when it was delayed... that game wasn't worth sitting through the rain.

A couple of things:

-The run game needs to improve. Thanks to our seemingly unstoppable passing attack we can usually play well without a great rushing attack... but with a tough test in Gainesville coming up I don't think we can rely on our passing attack the whole game. Charles Scott is the best back we've seen this year, so I think we should stick with him and make sure the playcalling is inteligent.

-I still think we need to get Flynn and Perilloux more reps. JMR is playing amazingly, but we don't need him playing as late into blowouts as we have him playing.

Top whatever:
1- Ohio State
2- Auburn
3- USC
4- Florida
5- LSU
6- Michigan
7- Texas
8- Louisville
9- The University of the South
10- West Virginia
11- Oregon
12- Tennessee
13- Notre Dame
14- Georgia
15- John Curtis Christian School
16- California
17- Clemson
18- Georgia Tech
19- whoever you think is next

Georgia dropped, and probably should be lower than 14. I think everybody between 2-7 is about the same. John Curtis moves into this week's Top Whatever because they beat Hoover at Hoover. Virginia Tech drops out because they beat us in 2002.

Overall this weekend was pretty lame. A bunvh of teams (UGA, UF, AU, USC) almost dropped the ball to lesser foes. Only VPI actually lost. Miami still sucks though. Coker is done if you ask me.

This week will be a big 'un.


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