Tuesday, September 19, 2006

f au

song clue: that ain't no song

So I've been a bit awol lately... I apologize. Truth is, I like posting whenever the hell I feel like it instead of setting myself to a rigorous schedule to suit the season or anything else.

But yeah, I've been a little busy lately working and other stuff.

Anyway, fuck Auburn.

Why is Justin Vincent still in our main RB rotation? Why are we running toss sweeps and other speed run plays with slow-ish backs? If the running isn't on then why aren't we gunning it more?

Just questions I guess.

So uh top ten I guess:

1- OSU
2- USC
3- Auburn
4- Florida
5- LSU
6- Michigan
7- Texas
8- West Virginia
9- Georgia
10- Louisville
11- sewanee

My Morning Jacket is playing at the House of Blues in New Orleans on Nov 15. I WILL be THERE.

I'm glad that ESPN's Gameday selection turned out to be the least interesting (major) game of the week. At least if they had been in South Bend they could have talked more about ND fucking it all up.

BTW when is it going to hurry up and cool down just a little bit?


Blogger S said...

since we play tulane this week, they almost HAVE to play tiger rag

3:35 PM  

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