Monday, September 04, 2006

At dawn they ride again

Song clue: Elizabethtown

Well I'm over that mediocre-fest in Miami even though its tied right now.

LSU won over the weekend. Tigersmack has a pretty great roundup of the events. Really the only thing I want to add is that LaRon Landry is a badass. So is Alley Broussard.

Also I know that Tigersmack points it out... but ULL had a GUY on their dance team. Give me a break.

By the way, that first ULL field goal miss... I called a miss before the play started. LSU opponents have now missed a field goal in Tiger Stadium five games in a row. This goes back to Auburn's 1-6 disaster. Arizona will miss one this Saturday, I'm calling it now.

Alright well I was an idiot for taking Cal. Can we officially say that the Cal phenomenon is over for this year? Way to go guys.

College football blah blah blah.

Anyway so some girls tried to make me watch Sex and the City at their apartment the other night. Needless to say I told them that if I had to see any of those whores on the screen I was going to a different apartment. We didn't watch Sex and the City.

Also my friend saw Shaq in the Circle K on Highland Saturday morning. He was sitting down and was as tall as she was.

I've begun to realize that I have a love/hate relationship with LSU. I love the spirit and the soul of it. But I hate the institution... the whole operation makes me sick. People in general make so much money off of college students its sickening.

By the way ULL's "LS Who?" t-shirts were stupid and unimaginitive.

But the worst part of the weekend: NO FUCKING TIGER RAG!!!!!

Give me a fucking break, its one of the traditional LSU cheers and they don't play it !! I don't understand why its a big deal that the students yell "Assholes" at the opposing players and fans during the cheer. I mean half the crowd yells "Kick their ass" during the "Geaux Tigers" cheer. I just pisses me the fuck off. Give me back my Tiger Rag.


Blogger S said...

yea. awesome to see broussard back. but wtf is les' problem with the kid, read this:

"I felt like Alley Broussard looked good to a point. In my opinion, he still has to earn his carries. He needs to practice well and get a better grasp of what we ask him to do. It was fun for me to see a guy who has come back off surgery looking to be prepared to play some." uhh, just say he did good, dayyuumm

3:05 PM  

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