Monday, August 28, 2006

Tennessee is a brother to my sister Carolina

Song Clue: Summer of '69

Tomorrow (Monday) is the first day of class. I think I am excited. I'm not sure though... it could be a bunch of work.

I went and picked up a few used cd's today:

-No Depression Volume 1- What it Sounds Like
-Randy Newman- Good Ole' Boys
-Rush- 2112 (guilty pleasure I guess)
-R.E.M.- Fables of the Reconstruction
-R.E.M.-Document (for $4.99!)

Also I added to the ol' blogroll:

-ACC/SEC Blog- I like how they cover the almost the entire southeast. I mean I would love coverage of Sewanee but I'll take what I can get.

-Carolina March- I'm becoming more of a Tar Heel fan, and not just one of those guys who likes UNC cause Jordan went there. Anyway this is a pretty good blog so check it out.

-Hogs, Hill, and the SEC- A nice blog covering the exploits of the Hawgs. I'm not much of an Arkansas fan but that doesn't mean he doesn't do a good job on this blog.

-Alabama Ass Whuppin- Covering all things Drive-By Truckers over here. Also some political stuff. Maybe I should start a My Morning Jacket blog?

By the way its officially game week and you can tell it on campus. The traffic and tailgating signs are up, there's roped off areas for parking, and there is just something in the air. You know its football season... you know its time for the Tigers.

Across the pond this weekend Arsenal lost and Chelski won. I mean did I not say what was going to happen last week? Also West Ham fell this weekend so that is unfortunate. Over in Amsterdam Wesley Sneijder scored two to give AJAX three points. Feijenoord drew and PSV lost so that definitely helps AJAX. In Spain Villareal drew Real Madrid 0-0.

I have two more weeks of predictions coming up for tonite so stay tuned folks.


Blogger Todd Jones said...

ryan adams, let it ride. nice clue...

2:47 PM  

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