Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mama said a pistol is the devil's right hand

Deadlines make life much more interesting. Today we had our first deadline at Le Reveille. In other news LSU is ranked #8 in the latest rankings of top party schools.

Also I wish I could find it but there was a wonderful piece of asininity in some Lafayette publication about 5 reasons why that particular artist hated LSU. My favorite part was when the author scoffed at LSU's athletic prowess and claimed that ULL combined athletic tradition with academic excellence. Ah yes the athletic tradition which doesn't exist and the academic excellence of a school that is the second-rate (for the most part) state university. The author also wonders how LSU has the money to pay for Mike the Tiger's cage upgrade which cost a whole lotta millions when the state is dealing with Katrina while completely ignoring that the Mike cage was completed BEFORE Katrina and was paid for with Tiger Athletic Foundation DONATIONS.

I had a much different post planned on re-thinking the way college football polls are looked at and the way college football history is interpreted but I'm not in the mood to do that now so that can wait. Amazing how I get this great thought when I should be previewing the season rather than in the middle of May when it would have fit in perfectly with the time of nothingness in the college football world.

Song title clue: Guitar Town


Blogger Todd Jones said...

devil's right hand, steve earle (from the copperhead road album?)

10:08 PM  
Anonymous S said...

dude chelsea lost!

11:27 PM  

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