Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I think we are the right age to start our own peculiar ways

Jaw meet floor. The Boro took down Chelski today. Jaw you've met floor right? FC fucking Kobenhaven knocked AJAX out of Champions League with a 2-0 victory at the Amsterdam ArenA. I'm glad Chelski lost but I can't stand Boro. Oh well, I guess its a bit like cheering for Arkansas to beat Auburn. Vermaelen scored an own goal for FCK to beat AJAX today and from what I've heard AJAX should have won but didn't capitalize on opportunities in the first half. This can't be good for new AJAX boss Henk Ten Cate. Hopefully AJAX can make a run in the UEFA Cup and challenge PSV for the Eredivisie title.

Last night I had the idea that the top 25 could be viewed as a ranking of all time programs. Last night I knew perfectly how to explain it, but I am struggling for the words now. If you look at college football as not each season seperate but as a collective body, an ongoing progress it is conceivable to look at the top 25 from last year to be the all-time top 25. I know the idea sounds crazy but ultimately its all about The idea of it sounds a bit ludicrous now but I think if you bent your mind around viewing college football as being a sort of one never-ending season with long breaks. Maybe sometime when I have more time to think I can explain it better.

In any event I think LSU fans don't need to be as worried about our RB situation as they are. Even when our starters and veterans have faltered LSU's younger RB's have always stepped up to perform.


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