Saturday, August 05, 2006

Back Into the Fold... Soon

Well the end of summer break is coming and it is definitely a sign that I need to return to posting. Sometime next week (Wednesday? Thursday?) I will be moving back to Baton Rouge and on August 14 I start at the Reveille. Class resumes on August 28th and LSU plays UL-Lafayette on September 2nd.

Truth be told I haven't been as excited as usual for the return of college football but this morning the fever hit me and I'm itching with excitement. I think my lack of fervor for the past few months was due to the World Cup and the amount of work I've been doing (I clocked in 60 hours during my last week of work, which ended yesterday).

The World Cup was definitely an exciting adventure but I can't help feeling disappointed in some ways. There were very few revelations or real surprises and neither of my teams (USA, Holland) really impressed in any way. I don't think any of the young guys captured my attention the way the now-retired Zidane did (although I was VERY impressed with Ribery). I thought France should have won the Final but didn't necessarily deserve to after Zidane's red. The new seasons are starting as I click-clack away so I offer up my predictions for the coming season in the major leagues:

Premier League: Chelsea by a long ways
Bundesliga: Bayern Munich
Eredivisie: AJAX! slightly over PSV
Ligue 1: Olympique Lyonnais for the 6th year in a row
La Liga: Barcelona
Serie A: Inter

Anyway once I do get back to Red Stick I'll run down some of the stuff I've been mulling over this summer. Also I'll start doing a little bit of writing on LSU football and the SEC.


Blogger S said...

dude. i cant believe there is another coon-ass as passionate/knowledgable about soccer as i. check out my post of "castleton gabs fc.'

2:12 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Yeah man no problem, do you have a link? I find it hard to explain my love for soccer, I just know I love it.


2:28 PM  

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