Thursday, May 18, 2006


Well I've been a bit inactive but with the end of the school year coming 'round and the World Cup kicking up in three weeks I figure its time to get down to business. First I wanted to start off with some of my impressions regarding LSU and college in general after my freshman year.

The strongest impression that I get of my first of year was that it was a huge waste of time. I took one Mass Communications class in my two semesters, and that one class was a completely generic survey class of the media. Most of what was taught was throwaway information like product placement in movies and the history of radio. As far as the other classes go I took two semesters of Math (algebra/trigonometry) and two semesters of biology. Both of these were complete wastes of time. The math I learned has absolutely no use in the rest of my life. Likewise the biology is largely irrelevant. Even if it was important information the teaching style (power point readings in class, power points available on the internet) meant that actually learning the information wasn't the point- regurgitating it every three weeks was the point. In my opinion making students take courses that don't have any use to them or have to do with their major is a mistake. If many of these surplus requirements were eliminated students would possibly be able to double major. Whether or not the Math or Chemistry or whatever is difficult isn't the point... the complete meaningless of several of the classes I took definitely took away my will to actually learn the information.

Also I came into the year thinking that Student Government was important but as time wore on I started to realize that they did little other than debate procedural rules. When they weren't debating procedural rules they were spending money unnecessarily on blackberries and dinners (for the SG) and making rulings on issues that have nothing to do with SG (voting to not allow Iran to manufacture nukes for example). That along with the fact that the race for positions was almost non-existant makes SG like some kind of elaborate joke.

Those were my two of my main impressions from Freshman year, I will be posting a bit more about some of the games I saw, concerts I went to, etc. in a bit.


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I think the Gen Ed requirements are pointless, too, but universities everywhere adopted them over the past 20 years, so they must know something we don't. My parents didn't have Gen Ed reqs and managed to graduate in three years and double major. But like much of the other bullshit in higher ed, we don't have much choice but to just deal with it.

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