Monday, April 17, 2006

Shifty Hours

Well I'm back from South Padre (I stayed in Port Isabel, Tx actually) and I'm having trouble readjusting to normal life. It didn't help to come home and find out that my internet was down again. Yeah well Spring Break was fun, we stayed on a house on the Bay which was cool. It was about 30 or so people there and it was pretty crazy. We went to Matamoros, Mexico one day and that was a lot of fun. I bought a pair of fake Ray-Ban's for $6 and smoked Cohibas. I think 90% of the people I saw in Port Isabel and South Padre were Mexicans. Actually at the Denny's in Padre we were adressed in Spanish when we sat at our table. I'd go into much more detail about daily activities like joint commitee meetings and beer runs and dance-off's but I can't remember what was legal and what was illegal.


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