Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hot Buttered Rum String Band blogging (part 2)

So a few things to make note of:

-Nico at Eccentric Southern Gentleman claimed today that he will attempt to see a football game in every single D-1A football stadium. Well bravo to him- I think its a great idea. I've often thought of attending a game in every SEC stadium in one season and I may even try it somewhere down the road. Whenever Nico comes to LSU to see the Tigers beat the Tide I'll be sure to tailgate with him and do that whole thing. Here's to Nico attending a game in every stadium.

-MLS season XI starts today. I always get excited for the start of the MLS season but as the first couple of months wear on I usually get bored with it. By the time August and September roll around I usually don't care. However this year I hope to change that. But there are more important things afoot in the footballing world. Champions League is winding down and Arsenal is looking spectacular in Europe. Also the World Cup is this summer of course. Other than USA I will be cheering for the Netherlands and Spain.

-Final Four starts today. Predictions:
Florida 74 George Mason 68
LSU 63 UCLA 55



Anonymous nico said...

Oddly enough, the last few times we've beaten LSU has been down there. I think we've gotten you guys 3 of our last six trips there. I could be totally wrong though, I like to invent statistics I think.

I've got to look for tickets to LSU-Bama this year though. My mom's been down several times for that game and has always had a blast.

3:13 AM  

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