Wednesday, March 08, 2006


So I was wrong in some of my predictions. Here are the final scores from Champs League action earlier:

Arsenal 0-0 Real Madrid (1-0)- Well I thought there would be some goals but I was correct in predicting the Gunners to go through. I'm happy Arsenal made it through- Real Madrid sort of drag the competition down- there is nothing "good" about them this year. Everything with them is mostly centered around Ronaldo's lack of effectiveness, Zidane's age, etc.

Milan 4-1 Bayern Munich (5-2)- WOW- I certainly was not expecting this. I expected Bayern to get through- but I am not disappointed. I think Ballack is one of the top 10 players in the world right now- but he can't be the whole team. Kaka is one of my favorite players so I am happy to see the Rossoneri through.

Liverpool 0-2 Benfica (0-3)- Again I am surprised. I'm not really sure what to make of Benfica.

Lyon 4-0 PSV (5-0)- I was shocked at this scoreline also. I think Lyon have a legit shot at the title- they are a very strong side and could surprise some clubs.

So that leaves:


Inter and AJAX still play next week in Milan. Here's to hoping Huntelaar, Maduro, Sneijder, etc. pull off the upset.

My ranking of most likely to win:
1. Barcelona
2. Juventus
3. Milan
4. Inter
5. Lyon
6. Arsenal
7. Villareal
8. Benfica


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