Tuesday, March 21, 2006

September 2... how far away?

When does football season start? I mean there is a whole lot of exciting shit going on before September but it all pales in comparison to September 2 in my opinion. LSU plays the Dookies in a couple nights, hopefully we'll play like a team of Pettit, Jackson, Maravish, Swift, and O'Neal and beat Coach K and Redick and co. In a few weeks I head down to lovely South Padre Island for Spring Break. Oh and before that is the greatest golf tournament in the world in Augusta. In the end of April and beginning of May is the musical and cultural orgy of Jazz Fest as well as the political spectacle of the NOLA Mayoral elections. In June I get the World Cup, Bonnaroo, and my 19th birthday. July is the family trip to Destin which is always exciting. At some point is a week long fishing extravaganza in the Gulf of Mexico which I am anticipating. August brings the return to Ole War Schooling. But none of these events- except MAYBE the anticipation of Bonnaroo or the rumored goings-on in Mexico, just across the border from Padre- stirs my heart or piques my interest as much as starting off our run for an SEC title and Fiesta Bowl trip in September.


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