Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday Randoms and Tuney Photo of the Week

In addition to occasionally writing about the songs that pop up on my iTunes I will be posting three different things every week: a historical music picture/photo, a historical sports photo/picture, and an album cover of the week. I may also throw in something regarding Louisiana here and there.

This photo comes from The Band's official photographer Elliot Landy. The photo was taken in the Catskills in New York and was among a number of famous photos of the band. This one was at Woodstock (not in reference to the festival) specifically. The image provokes the same thoughts as their music... they are sort of timeless. Like the way their music sounds, they look like they could be from 1930... or 1860. This was one of their strongest points, so many of their songs sounded "traditional" and were about the figures who have dominated the American past. Even though they were Canadian (except for Levon Helm) they created American folklore their songs.

1)Jemima Surrender- The Band
-How appropriate? I love this song, it is one of my favorites from their album The Band. This song just feels good- its kind od old timey like most of their songs. Its very funky, folky, and swingy at the same time. Out of five stars: 4 1/2

2)Boys Don't Cry- The Cure
-I love the scene in Wedding Singer when he's listening to this song while weeping over losing his fiancee/wife. This isn't my favorite Cure song- but its up near the top. Out of five stars: 4

3)Running On Empty- Jackson Browne
-Another song with a fantastic scene attached to it. This song of course is part of the memorable running scene in Forrest Gump. This song has always been the ideal summer, speeding down the interstate/highway, windows down, Wayfarers on, girl in the passenger seat, headed to the beach song. This is on one of those songs I put on in the late afternoon when I just want to... enjoy per se. Out of five stars: 4 1/2


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