Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Procrastination II

Well I had some momentum going in the studying sphere but then I got into a three hour discussion with my roomates on politics, political theory, theology, philosophy, rhetoric, personality, and speech. So now I am thoroughly burned out on deep thought- but not sleepy.

But in the meantime I would like to point you to one of my favorite bloggers T. Kyle King and his new passion for lists. He originally posted a list of the 15 Most Important Days in SEC Football History. But due to some comments and discussion left by yours truly and Paul Westerdawg Kyle had to revise his list. Now he has a Top 20 list and is considering an addition of five days to make it to the Top-25. So I posed a few suggestions... but this leads me to wonder- should Kyle just go all out and create a 365 Days in SEC History? Each day he could post about a new milestone in SEC Football history. Or if need be just SEC in general history.

In any event I feel like I have been negligent in posting lately. Since Signing Day oh-so-long-ago I haven't really posted anything regarding college football- which is what got me into this blogging business in the first place. Well have no fear- I am working on something about the upcoming football season. As you can see from my last two posts and my delay in posting other things like my discussion of The Moviegoer that I love to procrastinate. However I will make every attempt to have this up by the end of the week.


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