Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pretty In Pink

So I saw this 80's teen classic for the first time today between finishing a paper and studying for a Trig test I would eventually fuck up. I realize this is kind of a girly movie but it still surprises me that this was the first time I had ever seen this movie. For the record I still haven't seen 16 Candles but I've seen Breakfast Club about seven hundred times.

I've mentioned a few times that my parents were in college in the mid-80's and I inherited a lot of their 80's tastes in music and such. There are a few movies that I have seen countless times solely because my parents were in high school and college during the 80's. Examples would include Weird Science and Breakfast Club.

So yeah anyway I saw Pretty In Pink for the first time today and I was unimpressed. I mean I enjoyed the soundtrack throughout the movie and their selection of New Order tracks inspired my Album Cover of the Week choice. But aside from the soundtack I have a few bones to pick.

The major issue was that I didn't relate AT ALL with the characters, and I don't think its cause they were eighteen twenty years ago. The main example of this is the horrible divide between cliques in the school. The "richies" and the "freaks" or whatever. I attended an all-boys Catholic school in a suburb. At our school there were no cliques. I mean people had groups of friends they hung out with at lunch or whatever but in general everyone mingled pretty easily together on weekends. I never really saw any rivalries of sorts between groups and the only insulting between groups was the light-hearted banter involved in skits performed on Senior Retreat. I imagine the "cliquiness" was much more prevalent at the all-girls Catholic school down the street from Saint Paul's, but I can honestly say that much of what was shown in Pretty In Pink wasn't part of my high school experience. Maybe I just had it good?

In connection with the last point I thought Molly Ringwald's character made too big of a deal over Blaine being rich and Spader's character made too big of a deal over who Blaine dated.

The other thing that bothered me enormously was the way the characters dressed. I thought a Polo/t-shirt and a pair of Levi's was your standard high school attire. Apparently I was wrong. I didn't understand why all the main characters were either uber-indie-trashy-artsy (especially Ringwald) or dressed like they were headed for a day of work at the law firm (Spader's character and Blaine). Honestly who the fuck wears a white linen suit or whatever the fuck it was to (high) school like Spader's character does? I spent five years being told I was over-dressed by public schoolers cause I wore a Polo and khakis everyday. I couldn't imagine wearing a blazer or a suit. And how come Ringwald looks like a librarian when she and Blaine go on their first date? Why is her prom dress so gawdawfully tacky looking?

I know I sound like a girl but I was raised with Breakfast Club-16 Candles-Pretty In Pink being my mom's holy trinity of 80's flicks and I was completely underwhelmed by Pretty In Pink, especially since I really like Breakfast Club.


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