Monday, March 13, 2006

Musical Photo of the Week and blah blah stuff

I pulled this one of Athenian lads R.E.M. from allmusic. I always like to see what artists and musicians looked like when they were young. When they get older its not as genuine... their act, their look, you know? For instance with Mick Jagger if he was 18 it would make sense to see him strutting around in tight jeans. Today when he's 87... not so much. Anyway Rapid Eye Movement is usually in my top five. I mean they haven't made an album since Automatic For the People that I would spend money on... but Reckoning, Murmur, Eponymous are all fantastic listens. My dad got to see R.E.M. a couple times back in their heyday- once in NOLA and once in BR. I envy him for this. R.E.M. would be an all-time highlight for me- not as big as seeing Professor Longhair's ghost playing a midnight show in Tipitina's in New Orleans or Phish reunion at Jazz Fest big, but it would be pretty awesome.

Speaking of amazing concerts- on Wednesday I'm going to Meridian (of all places) to see Wilco. Should be hours of clean guitar-feedback phun.

My roomate claims I am betting against LSU by not picking LSU to win the whole dance. I say the rules of betting against one's team doesn't apply to the NCAA tournament since picking them to lose in the tourney can be fairly meaningless overall in the picture of the tournament but he claims I'm a traitor. So I ask you- what are the ethics of bracketology involved when one's team is part of the tourney?

I'm feeling very.... apathetic right now so I'm going to wait til later to post more shite.


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