Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday Reveille Blogging

I have taken a liking to the cartoons of Pike Barkerding which are featured every Monday in the Reveille. Today he hits on an important issue about the CCCC. The CCCC (I think it stands for the Campus Community Coalition For Change or something of that nature) has been trying for months to get rid of drink specials in the area of LSU. This- they say- will bring about a drop in drinking among students. Anybody who has ever gone to school before knows that drinking is going to happen no matter what. At least if its at a bar and not somebody's apartment its in a somewhat controlled environment.

Also featured in today's edition of the Reveille was an op-ed on the music industry. I like this article a lot and agree that the music industry is greedy (obviously). Anyway check it out: Silencing the Music Around Us.


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