Saturday, March 04, 2006

Moe blogging

I'm taking a break from enjoying the springtime bliss to update. I decided not to take in the basketball game today since we are already SEC champs... but I am assuming we won. I've been traversing the streets of Baton Rouge and I really hate this city. Everything is confusing, there are too many side roads and left turns that you have to take. Fuck (somewhat) big cities.

Saint Paul's was defeated last night for only the 2nd time all year at home which means my alma mater is out of the playoffs. Whatever, congratulations to the Wolves, Quarterfinals in 5A basketball is an outstanding achievement.

There isn't too much else to add. I have been getting into the band Animal Collective for the past twenty-four hours. In fact I would be jamming out to them now but they aren't that type of band. So instead I'm listening to moe. I've got some good stuff coming for next week (tentatively) including a write-up on The Moviegoer that I have been promising for two weeks, some LSU current events, forecasting on the SEC tournament, and something about things I would like to see in the future in SEC football. Until then- enjoy the weather.


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