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So now is as good a time as ever to respond to the various posts that have been made about my statments from yesterday.

I'd like to start off by saying that when I checked out Conservative Cajun I was happy to see he had addem my blog to his blogroll. Then I read his post about me. Then I looked at his blog about half an hour later and saw my blog was no longer on his blogroll. I thought that was pretty funny.

Anyway to the actual responses.

From Conservative Cajun's post:

My question is, why do so many Baton Rouge and LSU people feel like they have to constantly put down Lafayette and UL-Lafayette? Do we worry ya’ll? Anyhow, Baton Rouge people like to always boast about living in Cajun Country, but in fact being so close to towns such as Clinton and St. Francisville, many of them are closer to hicks. Acadiana is REAL Cajun Country.

First- I'm not from Baton Rouge and I have never once in my life claimed to live in Cajun country. In fact I'm from Mandeville which is more watered-down New Orleans culture or boring no-culture suburban America culture than anything. I'm not a Cajun and I don't ;ive in Cajun country- therefore I don't claim to be one or live there.

Saying that Governor Blanco is “more concerned with boosting her alma mater” shows how little this guy actually knows. One of the first things Blanco did when she got into office was cut funding to UL-Lafayette. That’s really helping her old college. Also, remember this, Blanco didn’t even win Lafayette Parish, but if my memory serves correct, I believe she won both East and West Baton Rouge Parishes, so Baton Rouge voted her in anyway.

Fair enough.

Tiger Boy then goes on to say that any non-LSU Louisiana colleges are “shitty” and in his great wisdom explains that people who go to or went to ULL didn’t have the qualifications for LSU. Well, in the words of Toby Keith, “I wanna talk about me.” I had every qualification to attend LSU and then some. Through Louisiana’s TOPS program, I could have gone to any Louisiana State college tuition-free. I also had a scholarship for an extra $500/semester at ULL and am sure that I could have received similar had I applied for something at LSU.

Same here. Actually its harder to get into LSU than it is to get TOPS> Theoretically all incoming freshmen at LSU from Louisiana have TOPS. Which is a flaw in the system.

Yes, LSU’s athletic program is one of the best in the nation, and their track teams have won numerous national championships. That being said, I took great pride my last Cross-Country season, when at the big LSU Invitational at Highland Park, where many thought LSU’s team could possibly sweep the meet by placing their runners 1-5, I ran down every single one of their guys throughout the course of the 8k race except their top man. So I guess this “shitty” Ragin Cajun did pretty well holding his own against the almighty LSU Tigers.

What I find amusing about this is that A)I'm not talking about athletic programs and B)LSU's top runner for the past few years went to my high school and his mom was my English teacher Junior year. Also the top runner now at LSU I believe also went to my high school.

Why? Because, Tiger Boy, in the real business world, 95% of smart professionals don’t give a damn where you went to school. What they do care about is what kind of professional you are, how competent you are, and how you relate to other co-workers and clients. Believe me, being a stuck up POS because you went to LSU isn’t going to get you very far, other than a few free beers from immature 40 year old losers hitting beer bongs at a football game. Just because you go to a certain school doesn’t make you better than anyone else. Some of the best schools in our country produce idiot graduates, just look at the two main presidential candidates from the last election. Also, I ended up not majoring in engineering, and the degree I did receive that has benefited me is offered by only 5 universities in the country, UL-Lafayette being one of them.

People don't look at where you went to school during the hiring process? Give me a break! Some schools look better than others on the resume, that is commonly accepted. Also what are these personal attacks for? I'm not stuck up because I go to LSU- LSU isn't a great school. Our administration is comprised of people who don't always know what they are doing. Saying that LSU is the best school in the state (besides Tulane) doesn't make me stuck up- it makes me the average citizen in Louisiana. Also if I might ask- what did you get your degree in?

As for Tiger Boy’s comment that LSU needs to look higher than UL people to fill positions, LSU’s athletic department sure as hell wanted UL-Lafayette’s softball coach fives years ago. They threw more money at her than she had ever seen in her life, and she took the LSU job. Believe me, LSU would probably love to have our baseball coach right now too since Skip Berkman’s replacement hasn’t done much with the great team he inherited.

Like I said before- I wasn't talking about our AD. Besides Head Softball Coach and President of the ENTIRE LSU System are two completely different things. Also where did Bertman's replacement come from? Oh yeah that's right: ULM- a UL school. That isn't my point- I'm just saying.

I am proud of where I went to college. I drive a red truck, as vermilion red is the primary color of the Ragin Cajuns, and I proudly display my Ragin Cajun Track & Field sticker in my back window. I will be buying the best season tickets available to watch our football team, and I will proudly be at the LSU-ULL football game this fall, despite the fact that we probably will get our ass kicked. Another thing, I really love those LSU diehards who spend their time yelling to us at the games, “Ya’ll school sucks. Ya’ll football team sucks. All ya’lls athletes suck,” because 99.5% of them don’t and never did have what it took to be a college athlete in the first place, so they really have no idea what their talking about.

Look- I don't really know what you are talking about. I never said anything about ULL's AD. Our football teams are irrelevant here. I'm talking about the schools themselves.

Also, let’s take a quick look at recent players who graduated from the two schools and are now playing in the NFL. LSU probably puts at least 10-20x’s more players in the NFL than UL-Lafayette. However, the best LSU of the past 10 years are Dominick Davis, a good running back that can’t stay healthy, Michael Clayton, a good wide receiver who can’t stay healthy, Kevin Faulk, a backup running back, Tory James, a good cornerback who I think went to LSU, and some punter. Now, UL-Lafayette: Brian Mitchell, possibly the best return man ever with around 20,000 total yards, Orlando Thomas, former NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, Jake Delhomme, a Pro-Bowl QB who with 3 TD’s- 0 INT’s out played Tom Brady in Super Bowl XXXIII, Brandon Stokely, who with one play was big in helping his team win a Super Bowl and is one year removed from playing in the Pro-Bowl, Charles Tillman, a very good cornerback for an excellent Bears’ defense, and Ike Taylor with a huge interception in this year’s Super Bowl. The few guys ULL put into the NFL make a real difference.

How is this relevant?

Now to responding to McGibboney's post:

2) my major, mass communications, has a solid program comparable in many ways to LSU's solid program;

I'm not familiar with the MC program at ULL but I do take a certain pride in the MC program at LSU which is one of the best in the country. The Reveille was National Collegiate Newspaper of the Year or something like that and we all saw the capabilities of the broadcasting program during the events of Hurricane Katrina.

And lest you think we can't drop the regional designation, officially or otherwise, I'd suggest you look up the official name of your own university, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge. LSU has set the precedent in that regard.

Yes, yes I know that LSU is LSU-BR A&M.

Not that you guys at LSU have anything to worry about. You do and will continue to receive as much funding as every other state school combined. With as much funding and national recognition as the school gets, it should be at least as good as it is.

If you wish to show your educational prowess, then do it academically. In the end, that'll take you much further in life than cutting down those around you.

I agree with you. LSU students need to do a lot more to improve the school. So does the Administration.

I have more to say in a minute.


Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Ryan, maybe I should explain my friend Nick's style to you. Though you guys are closer in politics than you and I are, I can see you're already getting irritated by the same things that irritate me.

First things first--Nick is a huge sports fan, and brings in sports every chance he gets. You could write a lengthy political post about something completely unrelated to sports; but if you use a football metaphor, he'll reply by going off on his favorite football players. A while back, I wrote a post about every living famous person born in Lafayette is an athlete. Though the point was that the city never seems to spawn any other kind of famous person, Nick responded by listing even more athletes. Which actually further proved my point.

Second, as you already know, he's Cajun to the core. While I admire his hometown pride, it occasionally causes him to forget that everyone isn't coming from that place. He recently told my blogger friend in Wisconsin to keep her charity dollars local and contribute to hurricane relief.

Nick's a good guy, usually, and now you can at least see where he comes from.

2:35 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Yeah, I'm a huge sports fan also so I know where he is coming from. I started bloggin in order to talk about SEC football actually.

It just annoyed me that it was suggested that I was bringing sports into the issue when in fact I don't like the people who love LSU JUST for their sports teams.

Also he left off guys like Kevin Mawae and Alan Faneca in his list of LSU football players, and those two are two of the best linemen in the last 10-15 years hands down.

Also I don't like when people label all south Louisianians as Cajuns. He didn't do that obviously but people like ESPN and others nationally like to do that. I'm not Cajun, and I don't want to be represented as one, and I'm sure Cajuns don't want me to be a representative of them. He touched on that issue so I felt obliged to respond.

2:42 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

I was taking the whole UL/LSU thing as a whole, acedimics, and athletics. You'll notice that I never said Tiger Boy was guily of attacks on LSU athletics. However, I figured that while I was on the rant about the blanket statements, I might as well bring in the sports thing as well b/c many LSU diehards like to use it as just another way to put down ULL.

Not every statement I made was directed at you, but rather, I took the overall views and contempt that many at LSU and pretty much most of Baton Rouge has towards Lafayette and our college.

You're young and ignorant, just like I was at that point and still am at times. But you will learn that the fact you went to LSU instead of ULL or ULM won't matter in the real world unless you're trying to get a job at a company run by LSU alumni.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Nick- did you race against Jimmy Wiggins or Pat Gavin? Jimmy was LSU's best runner, and now Pat is our best long distance runner. Both went to my high school.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Wiggins is the top LSU runner that I referred to in my post. Gavin had just transfered from U. of Georgia and was sitting out my semester at ULL.

I added you back to my blog roll as on probation, though you are actually on double secret probation.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Thanks Dean Wormer! Anyway yeah Wiggins' mom was my English teacher Jr year of high school.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but really I must take issue with the assertion-- both in these comments and on other blogs-- that in the "real world" it doesn't matter where you went to school, and specically that it doesn't matter if you went to LSU or one of the other state schools.

One need only compare average starting salaries of graduates to see that this clearly isn't the case. Additionally, the larger, higher-paying employers recruit far more heavily at LSU than they do at other state schools. Like it or not, going to LSU *will* get you a little further, at least to start. How far you go from there is up to you.

9:46 AM  

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