Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday the 3rd

Let me start off by saying that waking up to Devendra Banhart's Santa Maria de Feira was very refreshing this morning. Nothing like a little folk music en espanol to get you going on a bright spring morning. I can't believe I just started listening to Devendra Banhart- his Cripple Crow album is amazing. I love all of the songs in Spanish , and my favorite song on the whole album is Hey Mama Wolf.

Anyway there are two big basquetbol games this weekend. First today at 4 o'clock (cause they have been out of school all week due to the wonderful holiday Mardi Gras) my high school Saint Paul's in Covington, La takes on Nachitoches Central High School in the Quarterfinals of the 5A state playoffs. Then tomorrow LSU plays Ole Miss. We are of course SEC fucking champions so that should be exciting to see.

In 12 days I will be going to Meridian, MS to see Wilco. I am counting down the days until the show. What do I hope they play? Pieholden Suite, Hell is Chrome, Heavy Metal Drummer, Pot Kettle Black, Poor Places, Shot In the Arm.

Not really much else to add- everything is a bit slow here now that Mardi Gras is over. Spring break is pretty soon though. I will be forsaking the beaches of Destin for the beaches of South Padre Island. Can't wait to sport the Ray-Ban's and listen to some Buffet, Petty, Dead, Panic, etc. on the beach.


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