Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Election Stuff

There are two elections that have caught my attention over the past couple of weeks. The first has already happened, and that was for LSU SG President. The second will occur on April 22nd, and that is for Mayor of New Orleans.

My thoughts on the election can be summed up by this Reveille editorial: Thoughts On Student Politics. I voted but with very little knowledge of the Presidential candidates. The fact that LSU only had one serious candidate for President is definitely something that needs to change for next year.

As far as the Mayoral election in New Orleans... well I'm feeling very ho hum about it. I have yet to be dazzled by any of the three major candidates: C. Ray, Mitch Landrieu, or Ron Foreman. Peggy Wilson is the "Republican" candidate and she seems to be one of the only ones with fresh ideas.... but her fresh ideas, which mainly centers around the tax free New Orleans plan, seem like they would have no chance of going in effect or working at all. At this point I kinda like Rob Couhig but as for the other candidates I haven't been too impressed. Looks like more of the same in NOLA.


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