Friday, March 10, 2006

Butler solidifies the convict vote

Too bad the nuts at Angola don't get to vote for New Orleans Mayor: Butler compares herself to Nelson Mandela. Honestly, if you thought YOUR state's politics were crazy. How absurdly hilarious is this?

Anyway from the story:

The stint in jail solidified her as "the people's candidate," Butler said, particularly among people who have been incarcerated. While in jail, Butler had a cell to herself, a Sheriff's Office spokeswoman said.

"I represent every person who feels that their voice hasn't been heard, every person who has been incarcerated, right or wrongly," said Butler, dressed in the same red suit jacket and black pants she wore to court on Monday, when deputies hauled her away to jail on a contempt of court charge. "I can rank myself among many heroes: Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Nelson Mandela."

You can also rank yourself among countless thugs, rapists, crackheads, pedophiles, murderers, and aspiring rappers. This is outstanding publicity. I hope a Presidential candidate- maybe Hillary goes to jail for three days. It would make the campaign so much more exciting.

At the height of her popularity after the 2003 election, Butler's name was once thrown about as a viable candidate for mayor, but her political stock has since fallen sharply, political analysts said last week. In the September 2004 election, Butler's office failed to deliver voting machines on time to more than 90 precincts, causing voters to wait in line for hours on end and embarrassing the city nationally.

Butler now has little money in her campaign account to finance her mayoral bid, according to campaign finance reports, and most observers do not consider her a serious contender. She was invited to appear in Monday's televised debate on ABC 26, but did not attend because she was in jail.

Nice: 90 precincts. Butler is the hallmark of efficiency. I can't stop laughing over that last sentence.

Her comments vowing to press on as the city's chief elections officer came in response to statements Monday by Secretary of State Al Ater, chief elections officer for the state. Normally reserved in his public comments, Ater blasted what he described as Butler's selfish sideshow and called for her to resign as clerk of court. Ater said Butler's political game-playing and management failings have impeded preparations for the citywide elections "from day one" after the hurricane.

Her failure to recruit election commissioners and consolidate polling places quickly, he said, almost single-handedly caused the elections to be delayed from February to April.

Ater asked Butler to "resign tomorrow as clerk and let the professional election people do our jobs," vowing to pursue any legal avenue to have her removed for elections management.

On Thursday, Ater said he spoke to state Attorney General Charles Foti, but to date knows of no way to keep Butler from managing the elections. Foti's staff, he said, will continue to research the matter.

"To be quite candid, I don't know what the options are," he said. "We're kind of plowing new ground here."

He put his request that Butler resign in writing. "Based on your recent public demonstrations of disrespect for the law, I am asking you to resign your position . . . for the good of all," his letter reads.

"I truly do not believe that you can campaign for the office of mayor and take care of the extra challenges that this election promises for all of us as election officials," he wrote.

Would anybody be shocked if she somehow ended up winning? She probably has the whole thing fixed already. How can I Kim Williamson-Butler yard sign?


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