Saturday, March 25, 2006

Baby Love, My Baby Love

I figured I'd throw in a pic from CBS
to indicate that yes, I am fucking celebrating. But I have like 47 tests in the next three days to study for. So I'm gonna get back to my studying, reading of Watership Down, listening to Diana Ross and the Supremes/Rebirth Brass Band/Drive-By Truckers/Dinosaur Jr./The Jesus and Mary Chain.

By the way.... I've got tapeworms in my belly. I'm still hungry. I think I have a man-crush on Tyrus Thomas.


Anonymous dave said...

Tapeworm, huh? That's why I always used to study at food joints. There was an IHOP right outside the gates for a while, so we used to stay in there drinking coffee dusk til dawn sometimes. Then they shut it down (I think they were losing money from all the people studying and not buying stuff). We migrated to Waffle House. Longer drive, but still a good place to study. Also, when you need a break in the action, you can drop a few bucks in their jukebox and play the Waffle House songs 10 times in a row just to piss everyone off. Good times.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Yep tapeworms- or at least that's what Glen Davis says. As for food- well I eat at Cane's a lot. I don't know why. Their chicken isn't particularly good- in fact everything at Raising Cane's is average- and certainly not as good as Popeye's- but for some reason I go back once every couple weeks or so.

Walk On's is a good restaraunt that I like. But my roomate is like "Oh my God Walk On's is the BEST EVA!!!" whereas I'm like "yeah Walk On's is pretty good". But besides my occasional ventures to Louie's I haven't been that impressed by any of the BR cuisine.

12:02 AM  
Anonymous dave said...

I'm with you. Cane's is just ok, and I don't find Walk On's food particularly impressive either. It's certainly not bad, but nothing to rant and rave about, either. A lot of the other popular local restaurants are vastly overrated in my opinion; most notably TJ Ribs and Mike Anderson's. They're both good, but not spectacular. There are, however, some exceptionally good restaurants in this town, but generally not on a student's budget.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Yeah a major problem I've had is figuring out what is good but still decent on my wallet. I can't exactly make trips to Ruth's Chris or whatever.

9:51 PM  
Anonymous nico said...

When Glen Davis made the "tapeworm" comment, I was just sitting there thinking "WTF is this guy talking about?"

Here's hoping for an LSU v. Florida final.

How insane would that be?

12:15 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Yeah that Davis quote is... mind-boggling.

This may be the craziest final four ever. Sometimes I catch myself thinking "I hope GMU wins it all" and then I have to remind myself that LSU fucking made it to the final four. I can't believe it. Its one of those feelings... almost like when I watched USA beat Portugal at like 5 AM in 2002- you couldn't belieeve it. I can't believe it.

12:25 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

I miss Cane's like there is no tomorrow. I agree that it's mostly mediocre, especially since the took a strip from each of the combos and made it more expensive. And it's crap reheated. But seriously, not having it makes it seem like freakin' ambrosia!

The Texas Toast however, not at all crap. Possibly my favorite food in the world! My ex used to work there and he'd bring home toast every other night. Drool....

8:33 PM  

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