Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ahh Springtime

Well its wonderfully balmy out today in Baton Rouge and that always puts me in a good mood. Its no doubt that the girls look MUCH MUCH better walking around campus during the spring/summer/early fall than they do during the winter. Plus warm weather makes you want to listen to Moe., The Grateful Dead, or Jimmy Buffett as I am doing now. I know Buffett isn't a big hit among the music "elite" but is there anything more relaxing and enjoyable than a Buffett song about fishing in the islands?

That brings me to Jazz Fest which is less than two months away. That New Orleans cultural exercise brings me to Mardi Gras- which climaxed on Tuesday of course. I wasn't in the city as much as I would have liked and lack of funds kept me from the concert binge which I had planned on going on. But hey- thats alright cause everybody I was going to see (Dr. John, Rebirth, Dirty Dozen, Cowboy Mouth, Galactic, Moe.) are going to be either at Jazz Fest or Bonnaroo.

I was on Saint Charles Avenue between Peniston and Amelia streets when I was at the parades and I had a great time. I got to see Bacchus and Endymion roll back to back which is a surreal experience. My only real regret from Mardi Gras was not seeing the Zulu warriors from South Africa or getting my picture taken to the awesome Ignatius Reilly/Confederacy of Dunces float in Rex.

New Orleans needed Mardi Gras- I can't really say much more than that. If you haven't seen the stories about Mardi Gras Indians who lost everything driving in from Houston to participate in their Mardi Gras rituals on Tuesday then you really missed out... they were very moving.

So as we move forward through Lent and towards March Madness (SEC CHAMPS 2006!), Spring Football, Spring Break (South Padre Island), Easter (can't wait to bust out the seersucker), Jazz Fest, finals, College World Series, Summer, etc I will be here writing about LSU, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Louisiana culture, music, college football, soccer, college basketball, and many other things. In fact I plan a write-up on my favorite book of all time: The Moviegoer later today.

Oh yeah- I hope some of you caught USA's victory over Poland. I think it was a huge win considering that its difficult for a non-European team to beat a European team in Europe. Add the fact that Poland manhandled us in 2002 and the conditions were Godawful and it was certainly a definite sign of our improvements. I'm not sure of our chances in making the 2nd Round since Ghana is pretty good, Czech Republic certainly a huge test, and the Italians having a group of extremely classy players (as in world-class). Plus the Italians dominated Germany yesterday. So I don't know where I stand on our chances yet...


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