Saturday, March 11, 2006

11 Things to Change in SEC Football (Part one: #'s 11-6)

11 Things to Change in the SEC

11. “DIXIE”- I originally only had ten for this but when I was coming up with the ten ideas I was walking back from class and whistlin’ Dixie when it hit me that one of the greatest songs of all time isn’t played enough. In fact the only team that still plays Dixie is Ole Miss (and The Citadel, but they’re not in the SEC). I believe Georgia used to play Dixie.... but shouldn’t many of the schools in the SEC play Dixie? “I wish I was in Dixie hooray hooray...” It makes you feel so happy to be a southerner.

10. Rebirth of the Mississippi Schools- While I don’t have any love for either Ole Miss or Mississippi State it is certainly in the best interest of the SEC for those two to improve their game. Ole Miss is quite frankly still rebuilding from the end of the Eli Manning term and are only just getting settled into the “O”. Coach O looks to be doing a good job in capturing coaches and recruits. He procured the services of several former U assistants, and he had one of the best recruiting classes in the SEC this year. It might take a few years but it looks like the Rebs could be making the climb back into mediocrity. The Croom experiment hasn’t exactly been a success. He has had solid defensively play both years but he has yet to really find an offensive flow. This year is essential to Croom and the Bulldogs if he is to keep the faith and support of the Bulldog faithful. Another 3-8 season will put Croom in a tight spot for the 2007 season.

9.A Heisman Winner- I don’t particularly give a damn about the Heisman but it would certainly be nice if an SEC player could get the first Heisman since Wuerffel in 96. Potential candidates: Darren McFadden, Tyrone Prothro, Kenny Irons, Alley Broussard, LSU’s QB, Chris Leak, UGA RB’s, and some other people I’m forgetting I guess. I don’t think it will happen this year though.

8. Vanderbilt in a bowl- Last year was their best shot. I still don’t understand how they blew it either. They were undefeated and lost to Middle Tennessee. Inexplicable. I don’t think thus year is the year though. They have some returning players from last year who featured heavily but the onus is on the OL to protect whoever Bobby J puts on the field at QB for the Commies. Sooner or later they will make a bowl- maybe. I hope its this year but it probably won’t be.

7. Gunslinger QB’s- For some reason it seems like forever since the SEC had a gunslinger QB. Yeah I know Leak threw for 3,000 yards two years ago, Eli wasn’t that long ago, and Cutler is a first round pick. But we still haven’t had that asshole cocky QB that throws for 500 yards and 3 td’s on your ass and lets you know it. Leak can produce those kind of numbers, but how he will play this year is up in the air. Erik Ainge has the talent, but last year was a complete failure for him and we don’t know how he will bounce back. Georgia’s job hasn’t been won yet, and South Carolina’s Cock n’ Fire offense is still in its infancy. LSU has three guys who have the potential to be a gunslinger- but who is going to win the job? Is Brandon Cox that type of QB? How will JP Wilson play? Does Archie have a son we don’t know about?

6- Eliminating “the element”- I’m talking about fan bases. Now LSU is known for having some of the craziest fans in the western hemisphere. There is no doubt that SEC fans take football much more seriously than fans of any other country. However, and this is a BIG however, some fan behavior is simply inexcusable. I remember reports of LSU fans throwing things at Tennessee’s bus and throwing things at the bus, etc. I’ve also heard about the obnoxious barking UGA fans, and nobody likes the redneck Auburn fans, and its certainly hard to deal with some of the “element” portrayed in RJYH. Look- I don’t care what the UT players said to our fans- there is a fine line between supporting LSU without reservation and acting like neanderthals. There is a small but terribly noticeable minority of SEC fans that need to stop acting like neanderthals.

Part 2 coming tomorrow (hopefully).


Anonymous nico said...

One of my mom's coworkers went to Baton Rouge for the Alabama game a few years ago and some assholes started throwing things at her and her husband ...she was visibly very pregnant. They had to get a police escort to their car and left the game early.

I'm all about some teasing and/or good nature taunting (I love the Rammer Jammer cheer for instance), but there's an ugly element of most teams fans (Alabama's included.) You can be a great crowd without being nasty/hostile. I agree with you that there needs to be some clean up in the stands.

8:44 PM  
Blogger Newspaper Hack said...

Personally, the only nasty thing I've ever seen was after the Bama-Carolina game in '01. Bama blew a big fourth quarter lead, and some drunk rednecks were making rooster sounds as I walked to the car (in my Bama shirt). Naturally, I got my revenge last season when after Bama beat the pants off Carolina, I texted my ex and said, "Roll Tide!" She called me and said, "Don't ever talk to me again, asshole!" It. was. excellent.

11:30 PM  
Blogger Newspaper Hack said...

Oh, and one other thing. The ex (while we were together) went to the Carolina-LSU game in Baton Rouge in '02. She showed me a picture of LSU fans hanging Carolina QB Dondrial Pinkins (a black guy) in effigy. I mean, the purple and gold Confederate flags are one thing, but making fun of lynching is quite another.

And I'm not calling out LSU fans (I liked LSU quite a bit before Nick Saban arrived and started kicking Bama's ass), it's just the most egregious thing I've seen.

11:35 PM  
Anonymous nico said...

Yeah, I wasn't meaning to single out LSU, that's just the harshest story I've known anyone involved with, so I brought it up.

I've saw US fans throwing rocks at the Guatemalan team bus at a US game one time and that was just effed up. I don't mind booing and all that, but stone throwing is just too far (I know that's a different sport, but dumb fan stuff hacks me off.)

12:05 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Oh I know LSU fans are probably the worst of the bunch. But I know its a problem at every school with the exceptions of like Vandy and Kentucky.

1:21 PM  

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