Friday, March 31, 2006


This post from C.B. Forgotston is spot on:

I realize that teacher pay is an important issue to teachers. However, I have yet to see a study that shows a direct relationship between higher teacher pay and educational achievement by the students. In fact, just the reverse seems to be the case. Jesuit High School in New Orleans is one of the top schools in the country yet its teacher pay scale (non-religious teachers) is below that of the New Orleans Public Schools.

I went to a school that is fairly similar to Jesuit, and like Jesuit St. Paul's is a much better school than the public schools in the parish. Also like Jesuit the teacher pay scale (non-religious) is lower than that of the public schools. Higher wages does not equal higher performance.

Please Explain

I've been busy not paying attention to the so-called "Mommy Wars" that have become a sort of public issue. I think this is one of the stupidest issues in today's society. Why do I think that? Well I just think that its not impossible to be a working mother who has her family first ya know what I mean? Settling down and having kids doesn't mean leaving the office and spending all day at the house, it means having a job AND having kids. I know its not as simple as I make it sound but too often people act like if you are a mother you can't have a job and if you have a job you can't be a mother. Can someone please explain why this is such a big deal in American society?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Brain Drain- Sucking Out Louisiana's Brightest

Today I read an interesting article in the Reveille. I'll quote some of the more interesting aspects:

As a result of many students leaving Louisiana, the state is experiencing what many refer to as a “brain drain,” a term used to describe students who receive an education in Louisiana but leave the state in search of better opportunities.

Many students coming out of high school in Louisiana know this also. Its been understood for a while now- I certainly knew the concept of grads leaving the state for jobs back when I started high school. I'm not sure how it will apply to me but I'll talk about that further on...

The notion that Louisiana does not have enough high-paying jobs has become all too real for many students.

Rhett Rentrop, 2002 landscape architecture graduate, said he had trouble finding a job in Louisiana when he graduated.

Rentrop said there is not much work in his field in Louisiana, but he found a lot of opportunities in Texas.

“The economy at the time was better in Texas and still is, which translates to more work,” Rentrop said.

I know a few people who are definitely going to be working in Texas when they graduate.

Jim Richardson, director of the Public Administration Institute and former University economics professor, has been watching the trend of brain drain in Louisiana.

“If you graduate from this state, and you’re not bounded here, there are probably a lot of reasons to go out of state,” Richardson said.

Richardson said Louisiana’s population is not growing as fast as many other states, and the state’s economy reflects the population shortfall.

“The interesting thing is, if you compare Louisiana in terms of population growth from 1990 to 2000, is that our population grew by about 6 percent, but if you look at other states such as Arizona, North Carolina, Texas and Georgia, these states grew by 20 to 40 percent,” Richardson said.

And many of the states whose populations increased dramatically over the past 15 years are in the South.

“The growth has been in the South and Southwest, and there’s not one reason for that,” Richardson said.

If you aren't from Louisiana why would you stay? I love Louisiana but I can certainly see why people aren't moving here. Certainly we have some very nice areas (like where I am from- Mandeville) but for the most part the state ain't exactly stunning when it comes to living quality. A lot of the problems are directly related to the lack of progress created by our government- the leadership in the Gov's Mansion hasn't been spectacular since... I dunno- before I was born?

Richardson said the hurricanes increased the brain-drain effect on the state.

“Katrina probably will contribute to that brain drain because a lot of the professionals in New Orleans had to leave,” Richardson said. “And there’s an enormous opportunity for them elsewhere.”

While Richardson said the hurricane has increased the brain drain, it is still possible to reverse the effects.

The hurricane's made "brain drain" worse? How shocking.

Roderick Hawkins, Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s deputy press secretary, told The Daily Reveille the governor recognizes there is a brain drain in Louisiana and is responding accordingly.

“The governor is trying to make sure there’s a valuable education experience and of course a good economy, which means good paying jobs with benefits that students can go into once they finish their college,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins also said Blanco is working to improve teacher and faculty pay, to ensure that the workforce and business growth “are happening” and to entice more businesses to come here.

But for now students are still looking for jobs outside Louisiana, and until industry grows, they may continue to move away.

Hawkins didn't even answer the question- or really address the problem I should say. Look- I am only a Freshman in college- I don't know how to fix this problem. I do know that having a strong leader in Baton Rouge wouldn't hurt. Theoretecially I would love to stay in Louisiana after I graduate. But realistically if I can't find a job... what can I do? Also I am pretty sure the average LSU student doesn't have as much affection for Louisiana as I do and probably would not be inclined to stay under the current circumstances. People just getting out of college can'opportunitiesass up good oppurtunities- and if they are out of state then so be it. I like to say that I won't move out of Louisiana but if I have to then I have to.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Its The End Of The World As We Know It

Every couple weeks I head over to David Byrne's website to see what the former Talking Heads frontman has been up to. I'm a big fan of Byrne and he is probably the only musician whose political commentaries I will take seriously. I like Byrne because he sometimes produces dandies like this post:

I’m wondering what’s with the pepper grinding ritual that invaded U.S. restaurants a decade or 2 ago? I agree that freshly-ground pepper is a nice addition to many foods — like salt, it seems to bring out the flavor, to stimulate the palate. But that’s obviously not the point of this ritual — the point is social, economic, and psychological. How and why did it become a little ritual to have the food arrive and then be quickly followed by a man (usually a man) who asks, “Do you want some pepper ground over that?” He wafts the phallic object over your food like a wand and waits for you, the master, to tell him “when”. Then he is gone and may never return.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a little pepper grinder on every table? It wouldn’t be harder than keeping all those refilled saltshakers out there, would it?

But that’s not the point, I suspect. What’s important is the ritual and the relationship. The servant and the implication of service… the feeling of being pandered to and pampered in a customized manner. One hopes that this little ritual assuages any impulses by the client to imperiously order the staff around, and sometimes it does seem to absorb these impulses, though not always.

I don't give a shit about pepper grinding but I think its great that Byrne wrote three paragraphs considering the relationship created by it and the social meaning of pepper grinding.

In the past week Byrne has been posting about his trip to Mexico, specifically the Yucatan Peninsula. Each of his three posts are extremely interesting.

From the first:

Here’s a postcard-style view of the Uxmal ruins. At times one can sense how they must have appeared to Stephens and the other Westerners who first came upon them — massive mysterious things looming out of the thorny tropical forest.

Of course I adhere to the “tradition” of not showing the various tour group members who were lurking around the site. At certain times of day the busses pull up and Italians, Germans, Mexicans and Yanks scramble over the stones. But then, after a while, they all go away. There are times, and there are parts of the sites, where one is left alone with one’s romantic thoughts of ruins and the rise and fall of civilizations (more on that later.)

From the second:

In the Borges story “The Circular Ruins” a man sleeps in a secluded Mesoamerican structure and has strange dreams. He awakens to find his wounds have healed…his obligation was to dream….he attempts to dream a man…to model the stuff upon which dreams are made…like trying to weave a rope out of sand…or mint coins from the wind. He succeeds — first he dreams a heart, then a whole man…and eventually he, like the magicians millennia before him, succumbs to death, realizing that someone dreamt him, too.

Also from that post:

The Maya count years in what is currently called the Long Count. They believe time doesn’t exclusively run forward, as we do. They sense that it is circular, that it runs in a series of cycles — as do the Hindu. There are short cycles and there are very very long ones. The current Long Count began in 3114 B.C. (that’s early Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian times for handy reference — civilization in the middle east was taking shape) and the Long Count will end…get this…on Dec 23, 2012! Save the date.

At that time the “universe” (our world) will be annihilated by a flood (always with the floods!) and then the sky will fall upon the earth (an asteroid?) and darkness will cover the earth (dust from the impact?)

From the third:

My reading material tells me that the Maya took hallucinogenic enemas. Amongst the materials found at digs and matched to images on walls or codexes were leather and/or rubber tubing and narrow bone funnels for inserting up the bum. Through these would flow pulque (a fermented agave brew) or chih (dunno what this drink is)…or hallucinogenic teas. The Huichol (central Mexico) still do this with infusions made from Peyote buttons. No pictures available.


The Maya were possibly the last large “civilized” group of indigenous people in the new world to capitulate to the European invaders. Yes, there are still small scattered groups in the Amazon, and the Lacondon (a Mayan subsidy) in Chiapas have preserved some of their way of life, but the Maya were still fairly organized in large cites when the Spanish arrived — though their massive empire had dwindled a lot. (It's estimated there were millions in the larger empire, which may have been part of the problem.) They were still worshipping at the pyramids in 1930 when the Mexican government took control of some of the sites and instituted tourism and conservation programs. That makes 5,000 years (at least) of continuous culture — some kind of record.

I find all of the history of the Mayans that Byrne mentions to be very intriguing. I hadn't realized that some of their culture has survived for such a long time. There are certain parts of their culture like the enema (no thanks) and their beliefs regarding dreams are pretty fascinating. Most interesting is their Long Count and prediction that the current "era" will end in about six years. Probably Bush's fault.

Anyway I think Byrne's posts are intriguing and he talks a lot about things that would never occur to me or interesting facts and trivialities about different places (a couple weeks ago he wrote a bunch on New Zealand and Australia) and their culture as well as American society. Very interesting stuff.

Election Stuff

There are two elections that have caught my attention over the past couple of weeks. The first has already happened, and that was for LSU SG President. The second will occur on April 22nd, and that is for Mayor of New Orleans.

My thoughts on the election can be summed up by this Reveille editorial: Thoughts On Student Politics. I voted but with very little knowledge of the Presidential candidates. The fact that LSU only had one serious candidate for President is definitely something that needs to change for next year.

As far as the Mayoral election in New Orleans... well I'm feeling very ho hum about it. I have yet to be dazzled by any of the three major candidates: C. Ray, Mitch Landrieu, or Ron Foreman. Peggy Wilson is the "Republican" candidate and she seems to be one of the only ones with fresh ideas.... but her fresh ideas, which mainly centers around the tax free New Orleans plan, seem like they would have no chance of going in effect or working at all. At this point I kinda like Rob Couhig but as for the other candidates I haven't been too impressed. Looks like more of the same in NOLA.

Pretty In Pink

So I saw this 80's teen classic for the first time today between finishing a paper and studying for a Trig test I would eventually fuck up. I realize this is kind of a girly movie but it still surprises me that this was the first time I had ever seen this movie. For the record I still haven't seen 16 Candles but I've seen Breakfast Club about seven hundred times.

I've mentioned a few times that my parents were in college in the mid-80's and I inherited a lot of their 80's tastes in music and such. There are a few movies that I have seen countless times solely because my parents were in high school and college during the 80's. Examples would include Weird Science and Breakfast Club.

So yeah anyway I saw Pretty In Pink for the first time today and I was unimpressed. I mean I enjoyed the soundtrack throughout the movie and their selection of New Order tracks inspired my Album Cover of the Week choice. But aside from the soundtack I have a few bones to pick.

The major issue was that I didn't relate AT ALL with the characters, and I don't think its cause they were eighteen twenty years ago. The main example of this is the horrible divide between cliques in the school. The "richies" and the "freaks" or whatever. I attended an all-boys Catholic school in a suburb. At our school there were no cliques. I mean people had groups of friends they hung out with at lunch or whatever but in general everyone mingled pretty easily together on weekends. I never really saw any rivalries of sorts between groups and the only insulting between groups was the light-hearted banter involved in skits performed on Senior Retreat. I imagine the "cliquiness" was much more prevalent at the all-girls Catholic school down the street from Saint Paul's, but I can honestly say that much of what was shown in Pretty In Pink wasn't part of my high school experience. Maybe I just had it good?

In connection with the last point I thought Molly Ringwald's character made too big of a deal over Blaine being rich and Spader's character made too big of a deal over who Blaine dated.

The other thing that bothered me enormously was the way the characters dressed. I thought a Polo/t-shirt and a pair of Levi's was your standard high school attire. Apparently I was wrong. I didn't understand why all the main characters were either uber-indie-trashy-artsy (especially Ringwald) or dressed like they were headed for a day of work at the law firm (Spader's character and Blaine). Honestly who the fuck wears a white linen suit or whatever the fuck it was to (high) school like Spader's character does? I spent five years being told I was over-dressed by public schoolers cause I wore a Polo and khakis everyday. I couldn't imagine wearing a blazer or a suit. And how come Ringwald looks like a librarian when she and Blaine go on their first date? Why is her prom dress so gawdawfully tacky looking?

I know I sound like a girl but I was raised with Breakfast Club-16 Candles-Pretty In Pink being my mom's holy trinity of 80's flicks and I was completely underwhelmed by Pretty In Pink, especially since I really like Breakfast Club.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Album Cover of the Week

This week's selection for album cover of the week is "Power, Corruption, and Lies" by British band New Order. I personally think this is one of the best album covers of the 80's. It makes me think of something very dark and beautiful... the War of the Roses meets Kate Beckinsale or something along those lines. It helps that the music is some of the best from the 80's also. I'll be talking about what made me choose this album in a little bit...

Allmusic: Power, Corruption, and Lies
Amazon: NO- Power, Corruption, and Lies

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Breaking Concentration

So a couple hours ago I was on a roll typing my paper on why the New Orleans mayoral election should not be postponed any further than it already has been when I get up to get some lunch. On my way to the kitchen my roomate asks if I want to go to the store. Since we have nothing to eat I agreed and off we went to wonderful Winn-Dixie. So we went to the store and got the essentials (coke, coffee, milk, cereal, ramen noodles). So I get back and sit down to type... and I have completely lost my drive to write a masterpiece. Dammit.

"Didn't you learn that in high school" note #31: Don't EVER leave the room for more than five minutes while typing a paper.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Baby Love, My Baby Love

I figured I'd throw in a pic from CBS
to indicate that yes, I am fucking celebrating. But I have like 47 tests in the next three days to study for. So I'm gonna get back to my studying, reading of Watership Down, listening to Diana Ross and the Supremes/Rebirth Brass Band/Drive-By Truckers/Dinosaur Jr./The Jesus and Mary Chain.

By the way.... I've got tapeworms in my belly. I'm still hungry. I think I have a man-crush on Tyrus Thomas.

Friday, March 24, 2006


From ESPN.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


If God played basketball he would be Tyrus Thomas. LSU is going to win it all!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Concert Review- WILCO

When: March 15, 2006
Where: Hamasa Temple Theatre, Meridian, Mississippi
Price: $27
Drive: 4 hours to Meridian from BR, 3 hours from Meridian to Mandeville
Seat: Row 10

Set List:
1. Hell is Chrome
2. Handshake Drugs
3. Hummingbird
4. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
5. Maybe the Sun Will Shine Today
6. Muzzle of Bees
7. Spiders (Kidsmoke)
8. Airline to Heaven
9. Walken
10. Jesus, etc.
11. Ashes of American Flags
12. Theologians
13. Heavy Metal Drummer
14. The Late Greats
15. I'm the Man Who Loves You
16. A Shot In the Arm
First Encore:
1. War On War
2. Kingpin
3. Hoodoo Voodoo
Second Encore:
1. I'm a Wheel
2. Passenger Side
3. Is That the Thanks I Get?

Well what can I say? I had been excited about the show for weeks and I was shaking with excitement when I left my History test on Wednesday morning to head home to get ready to leave, and I was shaking with excitement when I walked into the beautiful Temple Theatre, and I was shaking through the whole show probably.

I had raised some questions as to why they were playing in Meridian of all places. Well apparently one of the members of the band (Pat Sansone) is from Meridian and his father was the guy who had booked all the shows for the Temple Theatre for years and years. Between the full set and the first encore Pat went on stage and read a "love letter" to the theatre. He talked about seeing The Four Tops, Ray Charles, The Commodores, and many more. The whole letter to the theatre and his dad was very touching.

As for the show itself... well I started off feeling very average. I mean everything up to "Spiders" was played efficiently like you would expect from a band as technically brilliant as WILCO but I don't think they had really connected with me yet. But after "Spiders" everything really started to pick up.

The highlights of the first set were "Spiders", "Theologians", and "Heavy Metal Drummer". But as I said- everything was pretty amazing after "Spiders". With "Spiders" I really felt connected.

The first encore was fantastic- better than the second half of the first set I might add. "War On War" and "Kingpin" were two of my favorites for the show actually. "Kingpin" may have been the best of the night.

The second encore featured a variety. "I'm a Wheel" is an energetic rocker and it really got the crowd going. "Passenger Side" goes back to Wilco's infancy and evokes images of a bar on the rough side of town and whatnot. I was surprised to see them play this actually. It was very cool to see them do this song. I got really into the "Passenger si-ide I-i don't like ridin on the passenger si-ide..."

The last song made me feel the best. Apparently its a new song called "Is That the Thanks I Get". Now that I listen to it it really is a very catchy song. At the time I was surprised they were playing this last as it was a song we hadn't heard before. But they really made it work with a call-and-response of the chorus between Tweedy and the crowd. Tweedy would yell "We can make it better!" and we all yelled "We can make it better!". It was exciting and beautiful at the same time. It was a great way to end the show contrary to my thoughts at the beginning of the show. I was still humming the song and singing "we can make it better" hours later.

Was it worth the ticket price and drive? ABSOLUTELY
How does it compare to the other shows I had seen so far this year? The BEST of the year.
How does it rank in terms of ever attended? This was the best non-Jazz Fest show I'd ever been to.
Do I want ya'll to check WILCO out? You better believe it. Seriously, if you have the chance to see this band- the "best group in the country" as the Mayor of Meridian" put it, GO TO THE SHOW.

Dancing Shoes- Upcoming Shoes

Here are some upcoming shows in the BR area. I will definitely be attending Galactic and DBT and will probably be at TV On the Radio. The Wailers would be fun to see also.

March 23- Centro-Matic- Chelsea's
March 29- Charlie Robison- The Varsity Theatre- Texas Country
April 6- Roger Creager- The Varsity Theatre- Texas Country
April 10- The Wailers- SoGo Live- Reggae
April 13- Afroman- Chelsea's- Rap
April 20- GALACTIC- SOGO Live- Funk
April 21- TV On The Radio- The Spanish Moon- Indie
April 21- Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk- Funk
April 27- DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS- Southern Rock

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Album Cover of the Week

In accordance with the postings on southern music I offer the album cover of the week. This one comes from The Band's Northern Lights-Southern Cross. Especially phenomenal from this album are the songs "Acadian Driftwood", "It Makes No Difference", and "Ophelia".

September 2... how far away?

When does football season start? I mean there is a whole lot of exciting shit going on before September but it all pales in comparison to September 2 in my opinion. LSU plays the Dookies in a couple nights, hopefully we'll play like a team of Pettit, Jackson, Maravish, Swift, and O'Neal and beat Coach K and Redick and co. In a few weeks I head down to lovely South Padre Island for Spring Break. Oh and before that is the greatest golf tournament in the world in Augusta. In the end of April and beginning of May is the musical and cultural orgy of Jazz Fest as well as the political spectacle of the NOLA Mayoral elections. In June I get the World Cup, Bonnaroo, and my 19th birthday. July is the family trip to Destin which is always exciting. At some point is a week long fishing extravaganza in the Gulf of Mexico which I am anticipating. August brings the return to Ole War Schooling. But none of these events- except MAYBE the anticipation of Bonnaroo or the rumored goings-on in Mexico, just across the border from Padre- stirs my heart or piques my interest as much as starting off our run for an SEC title and Fiesta Bowl trip in September.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Quick- Where's My Pistol?

Ah next week should be FUN.
Mon 7 PM- TEST

The paper shouldn't be much of a problem as long as I don't procrastinate. I'm arguing for why the NOLA elections should not be pushed back any further.

More Musings on Southern Rock

A week ago I posted some thoughts on Lynrd Skynrd, The Allman Brothers, and southern rock and roll in general. Finally I am back today to wrap up some of those thoughts.

There are multiple ways to look at southern rock, I subscribe to two main views. The first is rock bands from the south who infuse their culture into their music. This is like Skynrd, Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band, Drive-By Truckers, etc. The second view is rock bands not from the south who have a very southern sound. Examples are Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Grateful Dead (at times), and THE BAND.

I wanted to mention THE BAND because they have some of the best examples of southern rock. Four members of the band (Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, and Garth Hudson) are from Canada, but one (Levon Helm) is from Arkansas. But despite their Canuck heritage much of their music has a distinctly Dixie flavor to it. Off of their second album (The Band) many of the songs exhibit a very southern quality. The best examples come in "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", "Up On Cripple Creek", "Whispering Pines", "Jemima Surrender", "Rockin Chair", "King Harvest (Has Surely Come)", and "Rag Mama Rag".

Each of these songs blends folk, rock, and blues to give THE BAND a very old-timey sound. In an earlier post I remarked that they sounded like they could have been from 1930 or 1860 as much as from 1970. Much of THE BAND's music I find to be more true to the southern spirit than the indulgent music of say... Skynrd. For your "Freebird" look at "I Shall Be Released", for your "Simple Man" look at "King Harvest (Has Surely Come)", for "Sweet Home Alabama" look at "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down". In fact you can put any song ever recorded in the south or about the south next to "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" and you wouldn't top it for a more southern feel.

Basically what I am trying to say is that southern music isn't exclusive to southerners. If I am looking for a song to base my southern identity on... Skynrd ain't that good. In fact Drive-By Truckers are equal in that aspect in my opinion, and DBT are heavily influenced by Skynrd. If I am a Cajun like Nick then I would take a song like "Acadian Driftwood" by THE BAND to heart as a beautiful tale on the Cajuns.

While I consider the Allman Brothers to be the "ultimate" southern band I think that you can't go wrong with the southern feel and flavor of much of THE BAND's work. You won't find such beautiful finely-crafted songs in many other places. Skynrd is okay, but its such a cliche to be a Skynrd fan. At least with THE BAND the sound is unique and there aren't a million other bands trying to replicate their sound. So if you want southern rock-blues-folk look no further than Canada.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lord Only Knows Where I'm Goin

Got this meme from Ian at Sexy Results! If you are one of my crossover readers from the Louisiana blogs or whatever I'd suggest you take a look at Ian's blog. The college football guys will already be familiar with Ian's stuff. Anyway if you like clever references and allusions Ian's got plenty o'that. One of the funniest blogs I've read.

Favorite Political Track...
Well I don't know if it counts as a political track since its more of a satire but I'll say Randy Newman's "Rednecks". I love his crack at LSU and the chorus ("We're keepin the niggers down") is classic. Its a lot of fun to put this song on for the couple of people who haven't heard it before and first see shock and misunderstanding and then see them laugh or whatever.

Others (some of whose level of poltical content is debateable):
-"War on War" and "Ashes of American Flags"- Wilco
-"Let Your Mind Be Free"- Soul Rebels Brass Band
-"A Change Is Gonna Come"- Sam Cooke
-"Ohio"- Neil Young
-"Throwin Stones"- The Grateful Dead
-"A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall"-Bob Dylan

I've never been into the political song though so its not a big deal to me. First I tend to be more conservative- so in general I disagree with most political songs. Also while I'm certainly not against artists' expressing their opinions I think you are dumb as fuck if you actually take them that seriously. A stupid song shouldn't change your opinions- do some research on issues- don't be an idiot because of something you heard in a Black Eyed Peas song.

One of those tracks that will make you dance on the dancefloor no matter what...

Well I hold the B-52's very high up in terms of dance, funk, and alternative music. There might be other dance-ier tunes of theirs but for me "Dance This Mess Around" always makes me want to get down. The chorus of "Shake! Bake!" and the recitation of 50's dance crazes plus the line "Why don't you dance with me? I'm not no limburger!" makes me want to hit the dancefloor every time.

-the rest of The B-52's stuff
-"Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games" and "Party Crashes Us"-Of Montreal
-"ABC"-Jackson 5
-"Girls and Boys"- Blur
-"Hey Pocky Way"-The Meters
-New Order always makes me want to do the whole dark-lit British club dancing and The Grateful Dead always make me want to do the hippie dancing thing.

The song you'd use to tell someone you love them...
Uh... "Via Chicago" by Wilco? Right. Seriously... probably "Second That Emotion" by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. I love Motown so there would be a healthy bit of that type stuff.
-"Just Like Heaven"-The Cure
-"Blue Sky"-The Almman Brothers
-"The Waiting"-Tom Petty
-"I'm The Man Who Loves You"-Wilco
-"I Can't Help Myself"-The Four Tops
-"Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing"-Marvin Gaye

A song you know would sell a lot of...
"Mud On the Tires" by Brad Paisley is a truck commercial waiting to happen.

A song that forced you to sit down and analyze lyrics...
Anything R.E.M. Stipe's voice is often so mumbley you have to read the lyrics and thus analyze a lot of them. I also analyze a lot of Wilco's lyrics- specifically Yankee Hotel Foxtrot stuff. Seriously what does "I am an American aquarium drinker" actually mean? I analyze a lot of The Band's lyrics since they contain stories of "American life" as you could say.

A song you like that a two-year old would like too...
I'll go with "Rock Lobster" by The B-52's. How could you not like that song? Its completely crazy. Also I'll say "They All Asked For You" by The Meters and "Iko Iko" by Doctor John/The Dixie Cups/many others.

A song that makes you drive too fast...
I like to drive real fast whenever I hear Rush. But "Runnin On Empty" might be the ultimate speeding song.
-"The Road Goes On Forever (And The Party Never Ends)"-Robert Earl Keen
-"Already Gone"-The Eagles
-"Truckin"-The Grateful Dead
-"American Girl"-Tom Petty
-"Coyote"-Better Than Ezra

A song that makes you feel like kicking someone's ass
What's the rap song that goes "Get back! get back! you don't know me like that!" That one I guess.

A song that both you and your grandparents (probably) would like...
Any Allman Brothers.

The song you'd send to someone you hated...

I don't hate too many people. I don't know really... maybe Lindsay Lohan shit. Or something like "Don't Stand So Close To Me" by The Police or the mandatory "Via Chicago".

A sad instrumental song that would be on the soundtrack to a movie about your life...

Not sure.

The peppy song that would start the opening credits on the soundtrack to the movie about your life...

I'm not quite sure about this one. Well see I don't want to use Wilco on every single category. So I'm not going to use Wilco, I swear. Actually I think I'd like "Eyes of the World" by The Grateful Dead. That song is just so peaceful and it always makes me feel so good. Naturally it would be one of the longer versions, perhaps with a horn section. I have one version on my ipod- not sure where it came from- but its amazing. I think this one would be a pretty good fit.
-"Learning to Fly"-Tom Petty
-"This Must Be The Place"-Talking Heads
-"Hurry Up Sunrise"-North Mississippi Allstars
-"Margaritaville"-Jimmy Buffett
-"Time To Kill"-The Band
-"Santa Maria de Feira"-Devendra Banhart

An a cappella song...

No answer I guess.

A good song from a genre of music that no one could guess that you liked...

Lets see... there are two ways to answer this. I've considered Diana Ross & the Supremes to be some of the best music out there. I mean I'm not into her whole DIVA thing but songs like "You Can't Hurry Love", "Where Did Our Love Go?", and "Baby Love" are pretty damn good. Ross' voice is one of the sweetest I've ever heard. I also have a weird spot for songs like "Lucky Star" by Madonna and "We Got the Beat" by The Go-Go's.

Also I don't think most people realize how into string bands like Yonder Mountain String Band or Hot Buttered Rum String Band I am. The same can be said for New Orleans brass bands like Rebirth, Dirty Dozen, or Soul Rebels.

A song you think should have been playing when you were born...

Not sure... how about "When You Wake Up Feeling Old" by Wilco or the already mentioned "eyes of the World"? "Porch Song" by Widespread would be a nice song to come out to, as would "Blue Sky" by the Allman Brothers.

A favorite artist duo collaboration...

There are a lot here. For starters I have to go with Bob Dylan and the Band playing together. Also Billy Bragg and Wilco. I listen to a lot of concerts that I have downloaded. Many of them feature special artist collaborations. One of my faavorites is the North Mississippi Allstars Hill Country Review from Bonnaroo 2004. Also I have a concert where moe. plays with Trey Anastasio, Sam Bush, John Medeski, and others that is awesome.

A favorite song that you completely disagree with (politically, morally, religiously, etc.)...

Any of the aforementioned political tracks. Also stuff like "Copenhagen" by Robert Earl Keen.

Your smooth song for relaxing...

Most jam band stuff is good for this. I'm going to say The Grateful Dead's "Scarlet Begonias" and Yonder Mountain String Band's "River". You could throw in most other jam band stuff and the non-suicidal Wilco stuff.

A song that you don't like but would play loud to annoy the neighbors...

"Less Than You Think" by Wilco. And if I wanted a real song then I'd go with "Spiders (Kidsmoke)".

A favorite song that's about sports or a sport...

Buffett... any of his songs about sailing or fishing.

A favorite track from an outfit that's considered a "super group"...

I like most of the Travelling Wilbury's stuff so I'm going to say their stuff. I'm going to see Oysterhead this summer so that should be fun.

The song that makes you want to drink more beer...

Anything by: Buffet, Drive-By Truckers, Allman Brothers, Widespread Panic, Robert Earl Keen, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, The Grateful Dead, etc.

So let's see.... basically I can take Wilco songs and apply them to any situation.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Well I am going to end a very stagnant posting week with a very stagnant posting weekend. This is going to sound crazy to a few of the readers but my dad's 40TH birthday is this weekend (yes he's only 39/40) and we have family coming in. So I will be living the suburban life all weekend. Yawn. For tonight's game: the nu,ber of minutes played by Voogd will be directly proportional to how much we win/lose by. For instance if Voogd doesn't play its a blow out. If he plays half the game we lose.

Friday, March 17, 2006

LSU and NSU advance

LSU beat Iona last night and NW State beat Iowa today on a last second three to make Louisiana schools 2-1 for the tourney so far. Last night Southern played pretty fucking great against Duke considering Duke is the top dog in thr tourney. They had the Devils to just a four point lead/deficit at one point in the second half. Honestly I think Southern definitely had a chance to take the lead there but they just couldn't finish. LSU plays A&M tomorrow and NW State plays WVA/Southern Illinoise! Sunday.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mediocre Update

Hey folks- I've neglected to update today but I PROMISE that I will update on Thursday with follow up posts on the SEC and southern music. I have a test tomorrow morning that I am currently cramming for. Plus I am planning various rendezvous which will take place tomorrow before, during, and after the WILCO show in Meridian. I'm planning on making it worth the trip to lovely Meridian (ha!). Thats it for my mediocre update- if I stay on the computer any longer I will log into Phacebook without realizing it and blow an hour stalking and not putting a picture up. Cheers.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Drive-By Truckers/Skynrd/Allman Brothers/Levon Helm Blogging

So the long title will leave no doubt in your mind that this post will be another foray into my belief in "southern" music. I posted on this a few weeks ago with my Regionalism post and the subject was brought to my attention by Nick's love for Lynrd Skynrd.

I will start off by making two statements:
1)The Allman Brothers are THE band when it comes to southern rock.
2)I am not a fan of Lynrd Skynrd.

The first I will explain by saying that they were the most talented of all the bands who are labelled as "southern rock". Not only that but they infuse more of southern tradition in musical terms into their music than most of the other bands commonly known as "southern rock". It is not uncommon to hear elements of rock and roll, jazz, funk, blues, soul, and country in their music. In addition the Almman Brothers were known for their originality. Not only did they combine all of these different styles they also were one of the first jam bands.

The second I can only explain by saying that I just never really got into Skynrd. The three songs most usually associated with them never really impressed me that much. I can't stand "Sweet Home Alabama" for the fact that its thepersonal anthem for so many of that state's rednecks. Not only that but I think "Southern Man" is a better song. I also don't like how its such a cliche to like this song. I can't really explain why I don't like "Simple Man". I think its just because I don't really identify with the song at all. It isn't that it is a bad song, it just never drew me in or made me feel anything for it. I also hated the beer commercials a few years ago that used this song. As for "Freebird"- well I like the song. I mean I'm never going to select it or anything like that on itunes, but if its on the radio I will enjoy listening to it. Really my only problem with the song is that the guitar solo that everybody goes crazy over isn't that exceptional. I mean- I couldn't do it and its enjoyable- but mainstream listeners give such credit to that "guitar powerhouse song" but completely ignore the incredible mastery of the Allman Brothers on songs like "Mountain Jam". And I know "Freebird" is supposed to be powerful- and it is. But so are songs like "Sweet Melissa". I guess its just personal opinion but I never really got into Skynrd nor understood their huge following. Yeah- their good, but they aren't as good as many southerners make them out to be.

I have more to say tomorrow, including why one of the best southern bands was actually Canadian.

Musical Photo of the Week and blah blah stuff

I pulled this one of Athenian lads R.E.M. from allmusic. I always like to see what artists and musicians looked like when they were young. When they get older its not as genuine... their act, their look, you know? For instance with Mick Jagger if he was 18 it would make sense to see him strutting around in tight jeans. Today when he's 87... not so much. Anyway Rapid Eye Movement is usually in my top five. I mean they haven't made an album since Automatic For the People that I would spend money on... but Reckoning, Murmur, Eponymous are all fantastic listens. My dad got to see R.E.M. a couple times back in their heyday- once in NOLA and once in BR. I envy him for this. R.E.M. would be an all-time highlight for me- not as big as seeing Professor Longhair's ghost playing a midnight show in Tipitina's in New Orleans or Phish reunion at Jazz Fest big, but it would be pretty awesome.

Speaking of amazing concerts- on Wednesday I'm going to Meridian (of all places) to see Wilco. Should be hours of clean guitar-feedback phun.

My roomate claims I am betting against LSU by not picking LSU to win the whole dance. I say the rules of betting against one's team doesn't apply to the NCAA tournament since picking them to lose in the tourney can be fairly meaningless overall in the picture of the tournament but he claims I'm a traitor. So I ask you- what are the ethics of bracketology involved when one's team is part of the tourney?

I'm feeling very.... apathetic right now so I'm going to wait til later to post more shite.

Please Explain Part Monday

So can someone explain how Tennessee got a number 2 seed? They lost in the QF's of the conference tourney to a team that didn't make it to the NCAA's and won neither the regular season nor the postseason titles. Doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway my picks:

1st Round Upsets:
San Diego State over Indiana
Bama over Marquette
UAB over UK
Utah State over Warshington
Seton Hall over Wichitar

Sweet 16:

Kansas over ARkansas

NOVA over Nevada
Florida over G'Town

UCONN over Illinoise!
Petey Pablo (North Carolina come on and raise up...!) over Bruce Pearl didn't win the SEC and thus isn't the coach of the year, John "I can't coach and usually look drunk" Brady is coach of the year




Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday/Widespread Panic blogging

I had to drive home for today cause my dad is borrowing my car for the next couple days while his gets pimped out by the ghettoest body shop in Mandeville. Well not really- and anyway the ghettoest body shop in Mandeville is to ghetto body shops what Fall Out Boy is to alternative music.

Anyway I told him I didn't think he could drive a car with a Widespread Panic bumper sticker. He said he'd deal with it. Whenever I get around to getting a Dead Steal Your Face sticker I think he will no longer be interested in driving my car. He's in to alternative music or whatever since he was at LSU in the mid-80's but he doesn't have the thing for jam bands that I do. Thats alright he made me a fan of Better Than Ezra, REM, New Order, The Cure, The Police, Jimmy Buffett, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, Sting, Squeeze, Rebirth, Soul Rebels, Dirty Dozen, Professor Longhair, Dr. John, The Clash, The Rolling Stones, etc. Too bad my cd player or tape player doesn't work in my car otherwise he could rock out to "Barstools and Dreamers" though.

LSU lost. Yawn. Who are we playing in the tourney?

That comes at 5, and I'm shaking with excitement. Well not really but I can't fuckin wait.

Two people I have to point out in the "blogosphere": Kyle at Dawg Sports has been covering my suggestions for the Top 25 SEC days from nearly every angle. I commend him for the work he has put in. I made a comment about Champ Bailey's performance against the Tigers a few years ago without logging in and he assumed I was a Dawg fan. Which is fine I guess. Honestly if I had to choose an SEC school to attend besides LSU I'd probably go to UGA.

Also I want to mention Josh Britton. In addition to being a columnist for the Reveille he also has a wonderfully-run blog which covers mostly political things I guess. Anyway he is a MC student like me and has also been very interested in the LSU System President saga like me. The whole issue seems very... skechy I guess (although not as skechy as Hack's apartment complex).

Oh yeah- Tiger Smack is back up and running and I gotta say- I love it. His Suck Awards are dead on. If I had any suggestions for awards I'd give them to the entire Baton Rouge road system and Lone Star Steakhouse on Acadian. I ate there one time and hated every second of it. The food wasn't good, the service was bad, the music wasn't loud enough, and the other customers were of a completely different section of the population than me and my buddies (as in upper middle-aged). It was basically over-priced bad Outback.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

LSU Photo of the Week

This one comes from the LSU Sports Gift Shop and I chose it in honor of the SEC tournament which is going on this weekend of course. It is of the one and only Chris Jackson aka Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.

Please Explain

Can someone explain how Jefferson-Pilot can get away with using Tim Brando and Joe Dean Jr. to commentate the LSU games? I feel like I am listening to Eagle 98.1 or WWL 870 when I am watching Brando and Dean. Doesn't that sacrifice journalistic integrity? I mean Brando is from Shreveport and his daughter is a student at LSU right now and Joe Dean Jr's dad is the former Athletic Director at LSU. Shhh... I think they're biased.

11 Things to Change in SEC Football (Part one: #'s 11-6)

11 Things to Change in the SEC

11. “DIXIE”- I originally only had ten for this but when I was coming up with the ten ideas I was walking back from class and whistlin’ Dixie when it hit me that one of the greatest songs of all time isn’t played enough. In fact the only team that still plays Dixie is Ole Miss (and The Citadel, but they’re not in the SEC). I believe Georgia used to play Dixie.... but shouldn’t many of the schools in the SEC play Dixie? “I wish I was in Dixie hooray hooray...” It makes you feel so happy to be a southerner.

10. Rebirth of the Mississippi Schools- While I don’t have any love for either Ole Miss or Mississippi State it is certainly in the best interest of the SEC for those two to improve their game. Ole Miss is quite frankly still rebuilding from the end of the Eli Manning term and are only just getting settled into the “O”. Coach O looks to be doing a good job in capturing coaches and recruits. He procured the services of several former U assistants, and he had one of the best recruiting classes in the SEC this year. It might take a few years but it looks like the Rebs could be making the climb back into mediocrity. The Croom experiment hasn’t exactly been a success. He has had solid defensively play both years but he has yet to really find an offensive flow. This year is essential to Croom and the Bulldogs if he is to keep the faith and support of the Bulldog faithful. Another 3-8 season will put Croom in a tight spot for the 2007 season.

9.A Heisman Winner- I don’t particularly give a damn about the Heisman but it would certainly be nice if an SEC player could get the first Heisman since Wuerffel in 96. Potential candidates: Darren McFadden, Tyrone Prothro, Kenny Irons, Alley Broussard, LSU’s QB, Chris Leak, UGA RB’s, and some other people I’m forgetting I guess. I don’t think it will happen this year though.

8. Vanderbilt in a bowl- Last year was their best shot. I still don’t understand how they blew it either. They were undefeated and lost to Middle Tennessee. Inexplicable. I don’t think thus year is the year though. They have some returning players from last year who featured heavily but the onus is on the OL to protect whoever Bobby J puts on the field at QB for the Commies. Sooner or later they will make a bowl- maybe. I hope its this year but it probably won’t be.

7. Gunslinger QB’s- For some reason it seems like forever since the SEC had a gunslinger QB. Yeah I know Leak threw for 3,000 yards two years ago, Eli wasn’t that long ago, and Cutler is a first round pick. But we still haven’t had that asshole cocky QB that throws for 500 yards and 3 td’s on your ass and lets you know it. Leak can produce those kind of numbers, but how he will play this year is up in the air. Erik Ainge has the talent, but last year was a complete failure for him and we don’t know how he will bounce back. Georgia’s job hasn’t been won yet, and South Carolina’s Cock n’ Fire offense is still in its infancy. LSU has three guys who have the potential to be a gunslinger- but who is going to win the job? Is Brandon Cox that type of QB? How will JP Wilson play? Does Archie have a son we don’t know about?

6- Eliminating “the element”- I’m talking about fan bases. Now LSU is known for having some of the craziest fans in the western hemisphere. There is no doubt that SEC fans take football much more seriously than fans of any other country. However, and this is a BIG however, some fan behavior is simply inexcusable. I remember reports of LSU fans throwing things at Tennessee’s bus and throwing things at the bus, etc. I’ve also heard about the obnoxious barking UGA fans, and nobody likes the redneck Auburn fans, and its certainly hard to deal with some of the “element” portrayed in RJYH. Look- I don’t care what the UT players said to our fans- there is a fine line between supporting LSU without reservation and acting like neanderthals. There is a small but terribly noticeable minority of SEC fans that need to stop acting like neanderthals.

Part 2 coming tomorrow (hopefully).

Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Linkfest

High quality stuff:

Wilson claims she was snubbed
-Yeah she should have been invited, and I DO agree that NOLA shouldn't be "color bound" per se... but I don't see how there is anyway that she would be able to get this tax break she is suggesting. How will the city spend money? How would that impact the state's finances? Would legislators actually allow that?

Gandhi on the Bayou
-Fantastic column about Kim "Prison Vote" Butler.

Party will back Blanco

-I have more to say on this later.

Oyster on the Interstate
-I thought this was a very interesting article. I have to say I couldn't imagine living without the interstate...

A Stupid Killer Could Not Get Caught

-A pretty interesting post on the Derrick Todd Lee case and that whole deal.

LSU and standards

Let me start by thanking the folks at Mollylea Drive 70815 for adding me (Centenary Drive 70808 as the case may be) to their blogroll. Dale posted recently about my controversial Procrastination post. Like always the quotes are in italics.

So one thing I never understood was in a state where over and over again the media bashes us for poor public schools why would anyone want to elevate admission standards for our public colleges or even try to set one apart as being better than the rest.

The public school systems need to push to meet the academic standards of the state institutions. Think of it as an incentive to improve the school systems. Also the reputation of the colleges in today's world would be in the toilet if the admission standards went back to how they were. Just because the public school systems are dismal doesn't mean the Universities have to succumb to those standards.

Far below LSU? By what unit of measurement is this alleged factoid derived anyway? How much money graduates make on average? Professor salaries? Cost of tuition? Athletics? What? Oh it must be the higher admission requirements. Just sounds plain lame to me the other measures actually make more sense. Professor salaries LSU wins there. Cost of tuition chalk up another win.

I was basing that mostly off of admission standards. Tuition I find irrelevant... honestly I don't know what tuition is at LSU. Its nearly impossible to be from Louisiana, go to LSU, and not be on TOPS when you start off. Also I was basing it on the fact that LSU's program in general is much broader than that of UL... I mean sure they might have all the same programs as LSU- but they aren't on one campus (or three really). They are scattered all over the state. And I think you are being naive if you don't think more of the state's best and brightest attend LSU-BR than attend the rest of the state colleges.

Then again I think that the whole admission process in Louisiana is backwards anyway considering as I mentioned before the overall ranking of the states high school graduates when compared to other states.

Personally I find state high school rankings misleading considering most of the state's best and brightest end up at private high schools rather than public schools. Even in the state's best parish in terms of schools there is only two public schools I would have considered attending (out of like 7). But that may be because I am fanatical to the core about supporting anything my high school does.

Also Dale mentioned the idea of LSU becoming a "tier-one" school. LSU becoming a tier-one school is the administrators' wet dream. In addition they are going about "the flagship agenda" the wrong way. They seam to think a "party school" reputation is holding us back considerably even though the #1 party school in the country is Wisconsin-Madison- a tier one school. They also have an infatuation with the word "diversity" and seem to think that merely mentioning it in every speech will solve the issue- whatever that is. Sure there is an issue of diversity- but its not about race or sex or that kind of thing- its more about ideology than anything. Consider that the campus is OVERWHELMINGLY conservative (when College Republicans are milling around in Free Speech Alley or whatever they have like four tents, music playing, and like 100 people shooting the political bull, when College Democrats are milling around they have a table with a poster hung over it that says "College Democrats" and they have like 7 people hanging out). But you can't discriminate on party preference can you?

Look- LSU is trying to remain on par with similar schools across the south. I know people who go to UGA, Alabama, Ole Miss, Clemson, Auburn, etc. I never thought about that kind of thing since I thought going to those schools wouldn't make much sense. LSU and each of those schools are pretty comparable to each other and the only REAL difference would be location and the fact that I'd have to pay to go there. LSU is going to be closely tied to those schools in terms of standards- and its no accident that most of those schools have similar standards as LSU.

Butler solidifies the convict vote

Too bad the nuts at Angola don't get to vote for New Orleans Mayor: Butler compares herself to Nelson Mandela. Honestly, if you thought YOUR state's politics were crazy. How absurdly hilarious is this?

Anyway from the story:

The stint in jail solidified her as "the people's candidate," Butler said, particularly among people who have been incarcerated. While in jail, Butler had a cell to herself, a Sheriff's Office spokeswoman said.

"I represent every person who feels that their voice hasn't been heard, every person who has been incarcerated, right or wrongly," said Butler, dressed in the same red suit jacket and black pants she wore to court on Monday, when deputies hauled her away to jail on a contempt of court charge. "I can rank myself among many heroes: Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Nelson Mandela."

You can also rank yourself among countless thugs, rapists, crackheads, pedophiles, murderers, and aspiring rappers. This is outstanding publicity. I hope a Presidential candidate- maybe Hillary goes to jail for three days. It would make the campaign so much more exciting.

At the height of her popularity after the 2003 election, Butler's name was once thrown about as a viable candidate for mayor, but her political stock has since fallen sharply, political analysts said last week. In the September 2004 election, Butler's office failed to deliver voting machines on time to more than 90 precincts, causing voters to wait in line for hours on end and embarrassing the city nationally.

Butler now has little money in her campaign account to finance her mayoral bid, according to campaign finance reports, and most observers do not consider her a serious contender. She was invited to appear in Monday's televised debate on ABC 26, but did not attend because she was in jail.

Nice: 90 precincts. Butler is the hallmark of efficiency. I can't stop laughing over that last sentence.

Her comments vowing to press on as the city's chief elections officer came in response to statements Monday by Secretary of State Al Ater, chief elections officer for the state. Normally reserved in his public comments, Ater blasted what he described as Butler's selfish sideshow and called for her to resign as clerk of court. Ater said Butler's political game-playing and management failings have impeded preparations for the citywide elections "from day one" after the hurricane.

Her failure to recruit election commissioners and consolidate polling places quickly, he said, almost single-handedly caused the elections to be delayed from February to April.

Ater asked Butler to "resign tomorrow as clerk and let the professional election people do our jobs," vowing to pursue any legal avenue to have her removed for elections management.

On Thursday, Ater said he spoke to state Attorney General Charles Foti, but to date knows of no way to keep Butler from managing the elections. Foti's staff, he said, will continue to research the matter.

"To be quite candid, I don't know what the options are," he said. "We're kind of plowing new ground here."

He put his request that Butler resign in writing. "Based on your recent public demonstrations of disrespect for the law, I am asking you to resign your position . . . for the good of all," his letter reads.

"I truly do not believe that you can campaign for the office of mayor and take care of the extra challenges that this election promises for all of us as election officials," he wrote.

Would anybody be shocked if she somehow ended up winning? She probably has the whole thing fixed already. How can I Kim Williamson-Butler yard sign?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I hate it

Facebook- I hate it. There- I said it. I hate it. The worst part about Facebook is that I will log in and burn half an hour easy without actually realizing that I have even logged on.

March Madness

I remember why I love March so much. I just watched UCONN and Syracuse play a FUCKING AWESOME game. The 'Cuse get the upset and seal their berth in the NCAA tourney. Fucking fantastic.

Phone Went West

3 quick things before I go lay in bed and listen to sleepy music on the ipod and geaux to sleep:

-The Metro Council pushed back the vote on the CCCC Ordinance to band drink specials after 8 PM ANOTHER two weeks. The vote had already been pushed back 6 months. The good news is that the vote won't take place during midterms like it would if it were today. The bad news is that some of the support against the ordinance created among students like yours truly will die off in the next two weeks.

-The head of the LSU Board of Supervisors Bernie Boudreaux has resigned. Boudreaux was under some controversy because the board is currently searching for a new LSU System President and his girlfriend Dr. Sally Clausen, the President of the UL System is one of the primary candidates for the job. Regardless of who his succesor is and who is selected for the LSU Presidential position it was the right thing to do.

-Oh yeah- the BOSS is playing Jazz Fest.

And because I mentioned it:

Sleepy Music:
Charlotte Sometimes- THE CURE
A Forest- THE CURE
Luna de Margarita- DEVENDRA BANHART
Perfect Kiss- NEW ORDER
Jamaica Say You Will- JACKSON BROWNE
Don't Think Twice Its Alright- BOB DYLAN
I Was Young When I Left Home- BOB DYLAN
Terrapin Station- THE GRATEFUL DEAD

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


So I was wrong in some of my predictions. Here are the final scores from Champs League action earlier:

Arsenal 0-0 Real Madrid (1-0)- Well I thought there would be some goals but I was correct in predicting the Gunners to go through. I'm happy Arsenal made it through- Real Madrid sort of drag the competition down- there is nothing "good" about them this year. Everything with them is mostly centered around Ronaldo's lack of effectiveness, Zidane's age, etc.

Milan 4-1 Bayern Munich (5-2)- WOW- I certainly was not expecting this. I expected Bayern to get through- but I am not disappointed. I think Ballack is one of the top 10 players in the world right now- but he can't be the whole team. Kaka is one of my favorite players so I am happy to see the Rossoneri through.

Liverpool 0-2 Benfica (0-3)- Again I am surprised. I'm not really sure what to make of Benfica.

Lyon 4-0 PSV (5-0)- I was shocked at this scoreline also. I think Lyon have a legit shot at the title- they are a very strong side and could surprise some clubs.

So that leaves:


Inter and AJAX still play next week in Milan. Here's to hoping Huntelaar, Maduro, Sneijder, etc. pull off the upset.

My ranking of most likely to win:
1. Barcelona
2. Juventus
3. Milan
4. Inter
5. Lyon
6. Arsenal
7. Villareal
8. Benfica

Top 25 Days In SEC Football History

Kyle posted his top 15 and then 5 more this week and invited suggestions for the next five. Well I think I have a few that could fit in.

-November 9, 1899
-While not truly part of the SEC one of the greatest feats in southern football history began on this date. The University of the South (Sewanee, charter member of the SEC) beat the University of Texas for the first win in a string of five wins which they accomplished in six days. In that six day period they beat Texas, Texas A&M, Tulane, LSU, and Ole Miss- all national powers at the time- by a combined score of 91-0. Sewanee went on to finish the year 12-0. In his book Southern Fried Football Tony Barnhart ranked this Sewanee team as the greatest southern football team of all time.

-December 2, 1989
-This was the day in which the Iron Bowl finally returned to Auburn. It was also the first time the second-ranked University of Alabama had ever played in Jordan-Hare Stadium. The Tigers won the game 30-20 in front of 85,319, the largest crowd for a football game in the state of Alabama.

-September 30, 1967 and September 4, 2004 (joint)
-The first date is the date in which Nat Northington made his debut for the Kentucky Wildcats against Ole Miss. Northington is significant because he was the first black player in SEC football history. The second date is significant because Sylvester Croom made his coaching debut at Mississippi State that day against Tulane. He was the first black head coach in SEC football history.

-Various Individual Performances
-I think one of the last two dates ought to be an "open" one per se. It should be open to the reader's interpretation of the greatest individual performance in SEC history. For instance LSU fans will always hold Billy Cannon's punt return against Ole Miss on Halloween 1959 as one of the greatest plays in CFB history. Fans of other schools will always remember their own treasured performances. So there should be no specific date picked but rather the date should be open so that all the amazing individual performances can be honored.

-Various Team Performances
-See above. LSU fans will never forget October 1997 and knocking off #1 Florida or winning the National Championship on January 3, 2004. This one should be open for all the great upsets and victories.

Champs League

There was some drama yesterday across the pond in Champions League action.

Newspaper Hack's beloved Chelsea drew 1-1 with Barcelona in Spain. However since Barcelona won the first leg they move to the QF's 3-2 on aggregate.

Villareal and Rangers also drew 1-1 but since Villareal had more away goals (2) they move through on aggregate 3-3 (2-1)

Juventus also advanced after defeating Werder Bremen 2-1. They ended up tied on aggregate at 4-4 but Juve's 2 away goals were better then Werder Bremen's 1.

AJAX and Inter have been postponed until next Tuesday.

PREDICTIONS for today:
Lyon (1)-PSV (0)- I think PSV will only get a draw on the French champions. Lyon scores in the latter stages of the second half to see them through. DaMarcus doesn't play much I don't think. Prediction: Lyon 1 (2) PSV 1 (1)

Milan (1)-Bayern (1)- I think this one will be 1-1 after 90 and thus end up in extra time. Ballack gets the winner on a typical header in extra time. Prediction: Milan 1 (2) Bayern Munich 2 (3)

Arsenal (1)- Real Madrid (0)- Two weeks ago Real came out flat. I don't think they will be flat this week- but Arsenal will hold on. Goals to Henry, Cesc Fabregas, and Zidane. Prediction: Arsenal 2 (3) Real Madrid 1 (1)

Liverpool (0)- Benfica (1)- I think Fowler and Luis Garcia both score for the Liverpudlians to send them through. Prediction: Liverpool 2 (2) Benfica 0 (1)

Thar ya go.


Well the big story in Baton Rouge today is the ordinance which will be voted on later today by the Parish Council.

The Reveille had heavy coverage on the issue today:

-Metro Council to vote on CCCC ban

-Last call for us all

-They cannot take our freedom!

-Drink special ban will solve nothing

-Ordinance fails to address problem

Basically they are trying to put a ban on drink specials at drinking establishments after 8 p.m. This is an attempt to curtail student drinking which will SURELY fail. Bars aren't the only places to get drunk obviously- just the most popular. If the ordinance does have an effect on drinking in bars it will only be because students are now at house parties and other non-contained environments. Ending binge-drinking is certainly an important priority but the way the CCCC is trying to end binge-drinking will not solve the issue.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Went Down to the Crossroads...

In addition to what I just posted I'd like to make a few things clear.

-I really would appreciate it if I was referred to as Ryan, not Tiger Boy.

-I was wrong in labelling the other La Public Colleges as "shitty".

-LSU(BR) has tougher admission standards than any other state school.

-The programs taught at LSU are my diverse (in terms of fields) than any other school in the state.

-Many schools have programs that others in the area don't. Examples are ULM and pharmaceuticals and NSU and aviation sciences.

-Some students prefer to remain close to home for college.

-The people I know at state schools besides LSU are people who A)Didn't get into LSU B)Failed out of LSU or C)Studying something not offered at LSU.

-The majority of those students fall under A and B.

-Those students have almost always told me that their college was easier than high school was.

-Essentially the argument doesn't matter because college, like high school, is what you make of it. You may have come through a program that wasn't as strong as another but have worked hard and taken more from it than somebody else in the other program. I know people who wasted $5,000 on tuition to go to Saint Paul's every year for five years and didn't take anything out of the experience because they didn't TRY to take anything out of the experience. So regardless of which school is better than the other or whether they are equal it is ultimately down to the student to get out of it what they need to get out of it.


So now is as good a time as ever to respond to the various posts that have been made about my statments from yesterday.

I'd like to start off by saying that when I checked out Conservative Cajun I was happy to see he had addem my blog to his blogroll. Then I read his post about me. Then I looked at his blog about half an hour later and saw my blog was no longer on his blogroll. I thought that was pretty funny.

Anyway to the actual responses.

From Conservative Cajun's post:

My question is, why do so many Baton Rouge and LSU people feel like they have to constantly put down Lafayette and UL-Lafayette? Do we worry ya’ll? Anyhow, Baton Rouge people like to always boast about living in Cajun Country, but in fact being so close to towns such as Clinton and St. Francisville, many of them are closer to hicks. Acadiana is REAL Cajun Country.

First- I'm not from Baton Rouge and I have never once in my life claimed to live in Cajun country. In fact I'm from Mandeville which is more watered-down New Orleans culture or boring no-culture suburban America culture than anything. I'm not a Cajun and I don't ;ive in Cajun country- therefore I don't claim to be one or live there.

Saying that Governor Blanco is “more concerned with boosting her alma mater” shows how little this guy actually knows. One of the first things Blanco did when she got into office was cut funding to UL-Lafayette. That’s really helping her old college. Also, remember this, Blanco didn’t even win Lafayette Parish, but if my memory serves correct, I believe she won both East and West Baton Rouge Parishes, so Baton Rouge voted her in anyway.

Fair enough.

Tiger Boy then goes on to say that any non-LSU Louisiana colleges are “shitty” and in his great wisdom explains that people who go to or went to ULL didn’t have the qualifications for LSU. Well, in the words of Toby Keith, “I wanna talk about me.” I had every qualification to attend LSU and then some. Through Louisiana’s TOPS program, I could have gone to any Louisiana State college tuition-free. I also had a scholarship for an extra $500/semester at ULL and am sure that I could have received similar had I applied for something at LSU.

Same here. Actually its harder to get into LSU than it is to get TOPS> Theoretically all incoming freshmen at LSU from Louisiana have TOPS. Which is a flaw in the system.

Yes, LSU’s athletic program is one of the best in the nation, and their track teams have won numerous national championships. That being said, I took great pride my last Cross-Country season, when at the big LSU Invitational at Highland Park, where many thought LSU’s team could possibly sweep the meet by placing their runners 1-5, I ran down every single one of their guys throughout the course of the 8k race except their top man. So I guess this “shitty” Ragin Cajun did pretty well holding his own against the almighty LSU Tigers.

What I find amusing about this is that A)I'm not talking about athletic programs and B)LSU's top runner for the past few years went to my high school and his mom was my English teacher Junior year. Also the top runner now at LSU I believe also went to my high school.

Why? Because, Tiger Boy, in the real business world, 95% of smart professionals don’t give a damn where you went to school. What they do care about is what kind of professional you are, how competent you are, and how you relate to other co-workers and clients. Believe me, being a stuck up POS because you went to LSU isn’t going to get you very far, other than a few free beers from immature 40 year old losers hitting beer bongs at a football game. Just because you go to a certain school doesn’t make you better than anyone else. Some of the best schools in our country produce idiot graduates, just look at the two main presidential candidates from the last election. Also, I ended up not majoring in engineering, and the degree I did receive that has benefited me is offered by only 5 universities in the country, UL-Lafayette being one of them.

People don't look at where you went to school during the hiring process? Give me a break! Some schools look better than others on the resume, that is commonly accepted. Also what are these personal attacks for? I'm not stuck up because I go to LSU- LSU isn't a great school. Our administration is comprised of people who don't always know what they are doing. Saying that LSU is the best school in the state (besides Tulane) doesn't make me stuck up- it makes me the average citizen in Louisiana. Also if I might ask- what did you get your degree in?

As for Tiger Boy’s comment that LSU needs to look higher than UL people to fill positions, LSU’s athletic department sure as hell wanted UL-Lafayette’s softball coach fives years ago. They threw more money at her than she had ever seen in her life, and she took the LSU job. Believe me, LSU would probably love to have our baseball coach right now too since Skip Berkman’s replacement hasn’t done much with the great team he inherited.

Like I said before- I wasn't talking about our AD. Besides Head Softball Coach and President of the ENTIRE LSU System are two completely different things. Also where did Bertman's replacement come from? Oh yeah that's right: ULM- a UL school. That isn't my point- I'm just saying.

I am proud of where I went to college. I drive a red truck, as vermilion red is the primary color of the Ragin Cajuns, and I proudly display my Ragin Cajun Track & Field sticker in my back window. I will be buying the best season tickets available to watch our football team, and I will proudly be at the LSU-ULL football game this fall, despite the fact that we probably will get our ass kicked. Another thing, I really love those LSU diehards who spend their time yelling to us at the games, “Ya’ll school sucks. Ya’ll football team sucks. All ya’lls athletes suck,” because 99.5% of them don’t and never did have what it took to be a college athlete in the first place, so they really have no idea what their talking about.

Look- I don't really know what you are talking about. I never said anything about ULL's AD. Our football teams are irrelevant here. I'm talking about the schools themselves.

Also, let’s take a quick look at recent players who graduated from the two schools and are now playing in the NFL. LSU probably puts at least 10-20x’s more players in the NFL than UL-Lafayette. However, the best LSU of the past 10 years are Dominick Davis, a good running back that can’t stay healthy, Michael Clayton, a good wide receiver who can’t stay healthy, Kevin Faulk, a backup running back, Tory James, a good cornerback who I think went to LSU, and some punter. Now, UL-Lafayette: Brian Mitchell, possibly the best return man ever with around 20,000 total yards, Orlando Thomas, former NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, Jake Delhomme, a Pro-Bowl QB who with 3 TD’s- 0 INT’s out played Tom Brady in Super Bowl XXXIII, Brandon Stokely, who with one play was big in helping his team win a Super Bowl and is one year removed from playing in the Pro-Bowl, Charles Tillman, a very good cornerback for an excellent Bears’ defense, and Ike Taylor with a huge interception in this year’s Super Bowl. The few guys ULL put into the NFL make a real difference.

How is this relevant?

Now to responding to McGibboney's post:

2) my major, mass communications, has a solid program comparable in many ways to LSU's solid program;

I'm not familiar with the MC program at ULL but I do take a certain pride in the MC program at LSU which is one of the best in the country. The Reveille was National Collegiate Newspaper of the Year or something like that and we all saw the capabilities of the broadcasting program during the events of Hurricane Katrina.

And lest you think we can't drop the regional designation, officially or otherwise, I'd suggest you look up the official name of your own university, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge. LSU has set the precedent in that regard.

Yes, yes I know that LSU is LSU-BR A&M.

Not that you guys at LSU have anything to worry about. You do and will continue to receive as much funding as every other state school combined. With as much funding and national recognition as the school gets, it should be at least as good as it is.

If you wish to show your educational prowess, then do it academically. In the end, that'll take you much further in life than cutting down those around you.

I agree with you. LSU students need to do a lot more to improve the school. So does the Administration.

I have more to say in a minute.

Tuesday Random Three

Here are three randoms before I head off to class for the morning:

1)Play With Fire- The Rolling Stones
2)Peggy Sue- Buddy Holly
3)Live Again- Better Than Ezra

Where's My Coffee

My heated post on the LSU situation yesterday garnered a couple responses from down south. The Conservative Cajun called me an idiot and Ian McGibboney basically said the same thing.

My post was flawed because of the sheer number of blanket statements I made, and those type of stereotypes are never supportive to one's writing. Also I should have made it known that I wasn't someone who thought LSU was perfect. In fact its far from it, my last English paper was focused on blasting the Administration for its idiotic Welcome to the Now campaign.

Regardless I have to post some sort of response in between studying for weed-out classes that I don't go to. However I DO appreciate that they responded.

Procrastination II

Well I had some momentum going in the studying sphere but then I got into a three hour discussion with my roomates on politics, political theory, theology, philosophy, rhetoric, personality, and speech. So now I am thoroughly burned out on deep thought- but not sleepy.

But in the meantime I would like to point you to one of my favorite bloggers T. Kyle King and his new passion for lists. He originally posted a list of the 15 Most Important Days in SEC Football History. But due to some comments and discussion left by yours truly and Paul Westerdawg Kyle had to revise his list. Now he has a Top 20 list and is considering an addition of five days to make it to the Top-25. So I posed a few suggestions... but this leads me to wonder- should Kyle just go all out and create a 365 Days in SEC History? Each day he could post about a new milestone in SEC Football history. Or if need be just SEC in general history.

In any event I feel like I have been negligent in posting lately. Since Signing Day oh-so-long-ago I haven't really posted anything regarding college football- which is what got me into this blogging business in the first place. Well have no fear- I am working on something about the upcoming football season. As you can see from my last two posts and my delay in posting other things like my discussion of The Moviegoer that I love to procrastinate. However I will make every attempt to have this up by the end of the week.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Well since I am procrastinating from studying for the Biology test on Wednesday I figured I might as well post. Today I read an interesting article which was posted last Tuesday in the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report.

I agree with much of what has been said here. I am pretty down on KB Blanco and I STILL don't understand how somebody could possibly vote for her over the very talented Bobby Jindal for Governor. Her handling of the Hurricane certainly sealed the deal for me. But anyway I agree with the article in that she certainly is way too concerned with propping up her alma mater (the self-titled University of Louisiana) and its other campuses. Of course they aren't really UL but rather ULL- but many would like to change that.

But in my mind that is completely absurd. Louisiana has enough problems in dealing with one major university- to act like the University of Louisiana system (I am referring to the whole system, not just ULL) is suddenly on par with LSU is ridiculous. Appointing the head of the UL system: Dr. Sally Clausen President of the LSU system would be another move to try and equal the two systems.

I don't see the strength in Clausen. She is the President of schools like Grambling State, ULL, ULM, UNO, SLU... in other words shitty schools. At my high school and around my hometown SLU was called Slow Learners University and the people who went there from my high school were often given a "Wow, I'm sorry" type response (not spoken, more of a thought) when they told other students they were going to SLU. The same goes for ULL, if you were going to ULL you knew they didn't have the qualifications to go to LSU (in the majority of the cases).

The fact is that the people who go to the schools in UL system are the ones who couldn't get into LSU or failed out of LSU. LSU isn't a hard school to get into, and we don't necessarily produce world-beating students either. I don't understand why people would want the President of a school system that is even more mediocre (or below average) than LSU with students who for the most part didn't qualify for LSU to be the HEAD of LSU.

If LSU really does have wet dreams about becoming a tier-one school then I think it should look higher than the President of a school that is far below LSU.

Monday Reveille Blogging

I have taken a liking to the cartoons of Pike Barkerding which are featured every Monday in the Reveille. Today he hits on an important issue about the CCCC. The CCCC (I think it stands for the Campus Community Coalition For Change or something of that nature) has been trying for months to get rid of drink specials in the area of LSU. This- they say- will bring about a drop in drinking among students. Anybody who has ever gone to school before knows that drinking is going to happen no matter what. At least if its at a bar and not somebody's apartment its in a somewhat controlled environment.

Also featured in today's edition of the Reveille was an op-ed on the music industry. I like this article a lot and agree that the music industry is greedy (obviously). Anyway check it out: Silencing the Music Around Us.


Some stuff you ought to check out on the blogging web:

-Justin's My Morning Jacket Podcast

-Drive-By Truckers A-to-Z at Berkely Place

-Aquarium Drunkard has Beach Boys Rehearsal Demos from 1967 and Wilco (9 Dyas til Meridian) Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demos 1 and demos 2 has My Morning Jacket's 2004 Bonnaroo performance

-EarFarm's Weekend Live Music segment featured Johnny and June Carter

-Also from Aquarium Drunk is some live Meters action

I may have some more downloadables for you later. Stay tuned.

Album Cover of the Week

This will be a new feature in which I will share some of my favorite album covers past and present. The first one comes from the album Remain In Light by Talking Heads.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Where Do I Stand?

Well last week I made a very important move in my life... I changed my political ideolgy on Facebook from Conservative to Moderate. I have issues with Facebook which I don't feel like explaining but I do try to keep my profile up to date, especially when it comes to music- and it did actually mean something that I changed from Conservative to Moderate.

I still consider myself more conservative... in fact I AM a Conservative. The problem is that many people see Conservative and think Republican Party. For a while I have been drifting away from "partisanship" and the Republican Party. The problem is that I don't want to be attached to certain issues that I don't stand with the party on (death penalty, gay marriage, creationism) and I don't want to have to stick by certain scandalous fellows (Delay, Abramoff) because they are representatives of or connected to the Republican Party.

Something else that plays into the decision to become and Independent is that I don't like the power direction that the GOP currently has. I find myself becoming increasingly alienated by the Evangelical side of the party. As a Catholic in a state that is in a state that is nearly split down the middle between two religions (Catholic and Southern Baptist) I don't want to necessarily be represented by the views and teachings of the Baptist or (general) Protestant religion. It isn't anything against them personally... we just hold different beliefs and believe differently the way a government should function in regards to religion.

On top of that I take the biased view that the Catholic religion is the most naturally moderate religion that is common among Americans. I say that because... if you think about it, its true. In the matters of sex laws we are very conservative naturally, but on the issue of the death penalty the Church takes a liberal stance. In the issue of abortion Catholics are very conservative, but when it comes to the War in Iraq the Church took the stance (and JPII was very firm in his stance) that the war was NOT just and should not be allowed. Also the Church takes a very liberal stance on issues regarding social welfare, and has recently done what many Christian denominations have not... acknowledge the validity of Darwin's theories.

As far as the issue of gay rights, well many in the public are ignorant over the Church's ACTUAL stance. Catholics consider homosexual relations to be a sin and one that is not allowed. Theoretically you would not be allowed to receive communion without having the sin resolved. But this is the exact same stance that Catholics take on premarital sex, adultery, masturbation, etc. Also last year there was a big deal made about homosexuals not being allowed to become priests. Some reacted like it was a ridiculous infringemnt of the rights of gays that they could not have been a "practising homosexual" three years prior to becoming a priest. But this is essentially the same stance the Church takes on EVERY man becoming a priest. The fact is- as a priest in the Catholic Church you are not supposed to be a practising ANYTHING. The only real difference in the treatment of gays and others in the Church is that gays can't get married- a matter of church doctrine. Any other infringement of rights isn't against the Church as an institution but rather against a societal view of homosexuality.

So back to my original thoughts on becoming an independent. I also find myself disagreeing with the party system as a whole. It seems to me that the country would be better served if we had a no-party system. Instead of having divisions solely among party lines like we do today with bickering and fighting based almost solely on which party someone belongs to it would simply be the issues on the forefront. Naturally alliances would be formed but under a no-party system there would be no "machine" running things and would give more oppurtunity to enact necessary changes. The system of electing presidents would also be better. I think it ought to be similar to that of Louisiana- two seperate elections. The first election would be an open primary- ALL candidates are voted on. That would mean Kerry, Edwards, Hillary, Jeb, McCain, Pat Buchanan, etc. would all run against each other at the same time. The two highest vote getters in the popular election would then move on to the second election- the "runoff". This could then be decided by a second popular election and subsequently by the electoral college. So in effect you could have Hillary running against John Edwards in the 2008 election.

I realize that none of that will never happen but in taking a stance that I don't believe in parties I am taking an idealist stance. So an increasing alienation from the GOP, disagreements with some of the policies/acts of the Bush administration, an understanding of my views in regards to my religious beliefs, a lack of interest in some issues (gay marriage- how can someone say with a straight face that marriage is sacred if they know how high the divorce rate in America is? Plus sacred implies religious and its not like many of the churches are becoming lax on gay marriage), and a belief that parties are detrimental to the political system has driven me to embrace the titles of "Moderate" and "Independent".

(Also I'm not ready to take the step to becoming a Libertarian yet).