Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wednesday Random Three

1)Amy Hit the Atmosphere- The Counting Crows
-I'm almost a little embarassed to still have the Crows on my itunes. Nevertheless this isn't a bad song. Its a slow ballad that kind of drifts between country and Elton John. This isn't my favorite Crows stuff (Mrs. Potter's Lullaby) and will likely be on the chopping block for my next itunes cut, but its a pretty good song. Out of five stars: 3

2)Such A Night- Dr. John
-Boy isn't Mac the man? I love the Doctor! This is probably his most famous song and stands out in my mind in many different ways. His performance of this song on The Last Waltz was one of my favorites of the show and I loved his dazzling look that night. The Doctor loves to dress up like a Mardi Gras Indian, well he's the Big Chief of New Orleans pianists right now I think. And "If I don't do it, you know somebody else will" is a great motto to live by. Out of five stars: 5

3)Drive- R.E.M.
-Drive is the opener for what I think is R.E.M.'s finest album: Automatic For the People. Drive is a sort of stop-and-start accoustic led song that features strong vocals from Stipe. Drive is a powerful opener in my opinion that sets you up for a powerful album. Out of five stars: 4


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