Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesday Random Three

1)Jack and Diane-John Cougar Mellencamp
-I'm sure all o' ya'll are familiar with this song. Its pretty good I guess, its nice to listen to when you are hanging out with friends or shooting pool I guess. Pretty good song overall. Out of five stars: 3

2)Cassidy-The Grateful Dead
-This Dead song comes from their 'So Many Roads'box set. For some reason I alway associate this song with "Deal", I'm not really sure why. This version of the song isn't musically upbeat enough, the music isn't loud enough, and it lacks energy and feeling that other versions have. The jam could have been a lot better I think in terms of sound quality. The lyrics as usual are fantastic, this is a Jerry song, a traditional first set song. Out of five stars: 3 1/2 (the version gets a 3, the song itself is a 4)

3)You're All I've Got Tonite- The Cars
-One of their best tunes in my opinion. Its traditional Cars radio hit stuff led by Ric Ocasek. Play it loud, sing it with emotion boys, this is a fantastic "driving around at night before the party" stuff. Not quite their best ("My Best Friend's Girl", "Shake It Up") but still some of their top stuff. Out of five stars: 3 1/2


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