Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Just one week until Mardi Gras!

I've added a few links the last few days:

Hey Jenny Slater- This is another football related blog that I tend to read a few times a week. Doug's blog features both good insight and a bit of satire and comedy. He's a Georgia blogger.

Swamp Ball- This is a very informative UF site, pretty much anything you need to know about Gator athletics is here.

Eccentric Southern Gentleman- I labelled Nico's blog as a football blog but I think its very in-line with some of what I like to do here. He's a guy who doesn't just focus on athletics or football specifically but likes to talk about movies, religion, literature, etc. Eccentric Southern Gentleman has quickly become a daily read of mine.

Live Music Blog- Justin Ward's blog is one of the most informative blogs out there when it comes to music. He has me debating whether to attend Bonnaroo or Summer Camp (in Illinois).

Burning Oak- I loved the Smilin Singles posts and I have similar tastes in music. Check it out.

Ear Farm- The Live Friday stuff is immaculate. I loved hearing the Blur, New Order, Talking Heads, etc. live stuff that he has posted.

David Byrne- Byrne is one of the most interesting human beings alive in my opinion. As a former teacher described him: "that guy is a real space cadet." Exactly.

Soccernet- My daily source for info on the beautiful game.

Big Soccer- A great place to find out pretty much ANYTHING about soccer. The network of communication and discussion that has been established here is just mind-boggling.

Du Nord- In my opinion this is the best soccer blog I have read. Excellent source of information and links supplied on a daily basis.

Ajax-USA- This is a website for American followers of my favorite club team: Ajax Amsterdam.

Yesterday I talked about my newest link Luaka Bop.

I might be adding some Louisiana sites later on this week. It just depends when I get around to it. I hate that you have to pay for a freakin political newsletter!

Speaking of aoccer I was able to see today's match between Real Madrid and Arsenal... and wow did Real look completely unimpressive and unprepared. They ought to have taken care of Arsenal's makeshift backline easily. Tomorrow I will be cheering for Ajax to pull out an upset and for Barca to derail Chelsea since I hate Chelsea. Go AJAX!

Here are my musical reccomendations for today:

1)Tipitina- Professor Longhair
-Possibly his most famous song, it is also the first song of his that I actually listened to closely. It also made me look at New Orleans music in a whole different light and therefore I became interested in it. This happened when I was about 15 or so. The famous club which I have linked on my blogroll is named for this song.

2)Alligator Stomp- Clifton Chenier
-The King of Zydeco/Cajun music is Chenier so he is a must on any sort of ode to Mardi Gras. Anyway this is an accordion led instrumental. Its very different from what you would listen to normally, but its always good to spice up your musical tastes.

3)Santa Cruzin- Soul Rebels Brass Band
-This is another instrumental and also the second time I have reccomended a brass bamd this week. Soul Rebels are known for fusing more rap, African beats, and Reggae into their funk than say Rebirth or Dirty Dozen.

Whenever I can I will try and post mp3's for all of these songs.

Additionally there are a few good shows over the next few nights. Tonight Louisiana country singer Marc Broussard, whose brand of country is much more blues and funk based than most country is playing at Sogo. Tomorrow night Texas country singer Cory Morrow is playing at the Varsity. On Thursday Blues Traveler is at the Varsity. Friday Bob Schneider plays Sogo. Additionally there are some amazing shows including Moe. at the HoB on Mardi Gras night coming up this week in New Orleans which I will list.

Oh yeah, LSU beat AU the other night. Yawn. Can't wait to lose in the 1st round. Again.

I plan on posting some other stuff sometime this week which I have been talking about for a while now but that will have to wait until I stop being lazy.


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