Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday Reveille Blogging

Today's Reveille had a column about the departure of System President William Jenkins.

I really think this whole situation just reeks of corruption. The fact that the search commitee doesn't have ANY faculty members from the main campus in BR and only has ONE student representative (from LSU-Shreveport) is ridiculous. In my opinion it is the interests of the students and faculty of the main campus that need to be protected the most. We are where everything begins and ends with LSU. When people think of LSU they don't think of LSU-Shreveport or any other satellite location, they think of Baton Rouge and the main campus.

Furthermore a change is not something we need right now at that level. President Jenkins has proved himself able and competent in his position. Now I certainly believe that there needs to be some changes in regards to LSU in Baton Rouge, but the replacement of Jenkins could not come at a worse time.

I just hope the search commitee actually does a bit of searching for the right candidate for the job.


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