Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Random Three

I'm interupting my enjoyment of New Order's Substance 1987 to bring you today's random three. Also I'll be back later tonite for music blogging as I review The Hold Steady's show at The Spanish Moon Saturday night.

1)Letter Never Sent- R.E.M.
-This one comes from Reckoning. The Athens band is part of my rotation and this album is heavily played in my house, car, ears, etc. This song features all the trademark R.E.M. aspects: start/stop song style, mumbley lyrics, the bass lines are out in front, jangly guitars, etc. This one is pretty good as far as R.E.M. songs go. It doesn't really stand out though, which can be a problem. Out of five stars: 3 1/2

2)Susie Q- Creedence Clearwater Revival
-This song is pretty well known. It occupies the opening slot on their greatest hits album Chronicle and it is an appropriate opener. The song features a sort of bluesy/country aspect that is common in all of their songs. You often feel like you are on the river while listening to CCR and this song is no different. Overall a very good song with a good chorus, solid musicianship, and not much to complain about. Out of five stars: 4

3)Moonshine- North Mississippi Allstars
-This is one of the best songs (others being Mean Ol' Wind Died Down and Horseshoe) from the best album I have purchased so far this year: Electric Blue Watermelon
. NMA is the best band out there today playing the old down-home rootsy country-blues southern rock. This song takes you back to back-country highways and good times under the stars during the late hours with some hard liquor. The song is excellent because it makes you yearn for the Mississippi country and the moonshine. Fantastic song. Out of five stars: 5


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