Tuesday, February 14, 2006

LSU Basketball Update

The Tigers managed to move into the top-25 in both polls this week despite their loss to Florida last weekend. The loss was not surprising at all in fact it was what I expected. The loss did however expose some of LSU's weaknesses:

-Tyrus Thomas simply CANNOT get into foul trouble. The frequent absence of Thomas on the floor severely limited our defensive capabilities. Tyrus has done a good job throughout most of the season playing physical basketball and staying out of foul trouble at the same time. We just cannot have our best defensive player on the bench at crucial times in crucial games.

-Our ballhandling abilities are sketchy at best. This is something that all Tiger fans know however. Tack Minor went down with a season-ending injury at the beginning of the season and that left our starting SG Darrell Mitchell to play PG. Freshman Ben Voogd has shared some of the ballhandling duties as has Frosh SG Garrett Temple, but none of them are exactly ideal solutions to our problems. It remains to be seen how much this will be a factor in tough games later on down the stretch.

-Glen Davis should not get the ball outside of the paint. The fact is that his decision making with the ball in his hands outside the paint is poor at best. He continually makes stupid decisions whether its to shoot three-pointers, drive headlong into the lane with no regard to who is guarding him, throwing errant passes to guarded players, or simply holding onto the ball for what seems like minutes at a time (like he did against Alabama). Big Baby is incredible down low and often defies logic with his ballerina style moves under the basket, but his decision making outside of the paint has been a liability for the Tigers at several points this year.

With that being said I am pretty much stunned at how well we have played for much of the year. As I said a few weeks ago this team has a real shot at doing something incredible. I'm on board for the trip.


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