Thursday, February 09, 2006

LSU 78 Arkansas 77

All I can say is: WOW.


I'll never understand he we can give away a 13 point lead with five minutes left and be left with pretty much no chance to win the game. We managed to play hideous basketball in the last five minutes throwing up terrible shots (Mr. Davis I'm looking at you), not getting rebounds, and turning the ball over almost non-stop. Not only that but we consistantly could not stop them in the last five minutes and a Razorback win seemed inevitable. It looked even worse after we gave them the ball back with a two point lead and we put an 83% from-the-line WHITE GUY on the free throw line. How he managed to miss BOTH I will never know. So we managed to get the ball back but with still the same problem: how are we gonna move the ball and find a good shot? But then Darrell Mitchell stepped up for what seems like the 947th time this year and made a HUGE FUCKING SHOT with a man in his face to put us up by one.

The incredible shot puts uis at 8-1 on the season so far with a trip to Gainesville coming up this week. I hope for a victory but I'm not an idiot. Expect it to be close however.


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