Thursday, February 23, 2006

Little Bitty Boy With a Heart of Steel

Well tonight those of you in the New Orleans area would have had the chance to see three parades rolling through the Uptown streets. Unfortunately I was stuck here in BR but here are the three parades that rolled tonight:

-Krewe of Morpheus- A fairly new Krewe, I have never actually seen their parade. Usually they roll on Tuesday or Wednesday if I am not mistaken.

-Knights of C.H.A.O.S.- The name has always struck me as lame, but as long as the parade is good right? Anyway this is also a new krewe... sort of. They are mostly made up of Momus members and they carry the same sort of secretive and satirical tradition as Momus. For those of you not familiar with Knights of Momus they are one of the old linke krewes. They were founded in 1881 but stopped parading in 1991 but stopped parading due to the same bullshit New Orleans City Council resolution that ended Comus' parading days. I haven't been able to see Chaos since they started rolling a few years back.

-Knights of Babylon- They are one of the oldest krewes still rolling. They were founded in 1939 and consisted mainly of city doctors I believe. In any event they are a secretive parade who put on one of the best parades of the season. They are known with sticking with some of the old traditions of Mardi Gras. Its been a while since I have seen them and I am sorry to have missed them tonight.

Tomorrow on the streets of New Orleans:
-Krewe of Muses- The second largest all-female krewe. I saw them their first year and they were pretty good back then five or so years ago. They are known for a lot of neat girly throws like shoe beads and little purses. Definitely some interesting and original stuff from them. Hopefully I will be there.

-Krewe of Hermes- One of the older krewes. They are very similar to Knights of Babylon. They are known for putting on a very traditional and beautiful parade.

-Le Krewe D'Etat- This krewe is about ten years old and are one of the best parades of the season hands down. The parade is very traditional in that it is secretive and likes to keep things under tight raps. The hallmark of this parade is the floats. Not only are the floats absolutely beautiful to look at but they are also display the most biting sarcasm and satire of any parade. Without a doubt Le Krewe D'Etat is one of the unique experiences of the Carnival season.

Hopefully tomorrow I will post a bit on Saturday's fare.

The musical selections for the day:
1)Stag-O-Lee- Professor Longhair
-Always a favorite of New Orleans musicians. 'Fess proves once again why he is truly the King of New Orleans piano.

2)Hey Hey- The Wild Tchoupitoulas
-This is a beautiful song that gives you a feeling of the Mardi Gras Indians. Possibly one of the most beautiful Mardi Gras songs.

3)Hey Pocky A-Way- The Meters
-A Mardi Gras classic. Many people have heard this song so it doesn't really need any introduction.


Anonymous Mike said...

Ryan, anyone who does a blog on Mardi Gras parades cannot be all bad! So, you've never seen Morpheus? How about riding in it and seeing it from the inside? If you're interested, contact me at You can even bring along a friend or two.

12:38 AM  

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