Friday, February 03, 2006

Kyle's Mission In Life: Georgia vs Michigan

The pas couple of weeks one of the pre-eminent bloggers in the CFB blogosphere, and a daily read of mine, Kyle King has been promoting a possible matchup between Georgia and Michigan.

From a fan's perspective, a fan of college football in general, I completely agree with his notion of these two traditional powers hooking up one fall. Most college football fans have enjoyed the Texas/Ohio State, LSU/Virginia Tech, Tennessee/Notre Dame, Auburn/USC type matchups, and this would be another in a group of fantastic inter-sectional matchups. However if I was a fan of either of these teams I would put limitations on such a matchup. For example I would avoid scheduling it for the frist game of the year... otherwise you may run into possible beatdowns (LSU at Va Tech) or shaky performances (LSU vs Arizona State). Putting a matchup in the second weekend of Spetember would certainly work out well however, much like the UT/OSU game. There are some scheduling constraints (Doesn't Michigan play ND and UGA play USC usually in the second week?) but I am sure those could be worked around. These types of matchups are great for football and it will be a real experience to see LSU in a similar game against Virginia Tech next year in Tiger Stadium.


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