Thursday, February 09, 2006

itunes survey

songs: 1135 (I know this ain't a lot but I cleared the memory on the hard drive before last semester and I had to replace all my songs and most songs I just left off).

First song: #2-Pat Green (can you say bubblegum college country?)
Last: Your Bright Baby Blues- Jackson Browne

First Artist: Aaron Neville
Last Artist: Wilco

First Album: A Ghost Is Born- Wilco
Last Album: not applicable since most of my stuff isn't even sorted by album

Shortest song: 1st down cheer :14(Geaux Tigers)- LSU (yes I have this on my itunes)
Longest: Dark Star (26:23)- The Grateful Dead

Top 3 most played (I always love the discrepancy between #1 and the rest...)
1. Sugar Magnolia (from Europe 72)- The Grateful Dead (83 times!)
2. Eyes of the World (live, not sure from what)- The Grateful Dead (37)
3. Acadian Driftwood (Northern Lights-Southern Cross)- The Band (35)

Grab bag: First on shuffle: Don't Stand So Close To Me- The Police

Sex: 0!
Death: 3
Love: 37
You: 98

Fun. Interesting.


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