Sunday, February 05, 2006

Alabama 67 LSU 62

Well we are no longer undefeated in SEC play after the Tide pulled away late in Tuscaloosa yesterday to get a five point win. Jean Felix and Ronald Steele were the catalysts for Mark Gottfried's team Saturday and a late move to a Box and 1 defense helped stymie LSU and protect the Crimson Tide lead.

LSU's unbeaten streak was sure to come to an end at some point, especially with a tough game against Arkansas this week and a trip to Gainesville next weekend. But Tiger fans will be disappointed at LSU's play in the last five minutes of the game as poor shot selection from team leaders Darrell Mitchell and Glen Davis plagued the purple and gold. Apparently John Brady's gameplan for the final five minutes consisted of having Davis and Mitchell alternate bullish drives into a wall of red and desperately attempt to throw something up only to be met by three or four Tide hands. When we got the lead back down for three instead of kicking the ball out to a wide-open Tasmin Mitchell for a 3-pointer on the fastbreak Darrell Mitchell elected to take it to the hoop. He got fouled which is fine, but then he went one-for-two from the line. THOSE ARE SHOTS YOU HAVE TO MAKE.

Nevertheless we played a good game for the most partand it was Alabama who beat us, not ourselves. This was a huge win for the Tide considering they are the quintessential NIT team and would love to be in the NCAA tourney. The fact that we started out 7-0 in the SEC still strikes me as being completely absurd. I can't wait to take down the Hogs on Wednesday.


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