Friday, February 24, 2006

There's A Moon Over Bourbon Street

LSU beat Vandy on Wednesday much to my surprise which means we clinched the SEC West title. We play UK tomorrow in the PMAC. Naturally I will not be there as everything comes second to Mardi Gras in my books.

I will be heading to New Orleans tonight to catch the parades. Can't wait. Anyway here's some tunage suggestions for you:

1)Moon Over Bourbon Street- Sting
-While he isn't a New Orleaninan this Sting song is great because it evokes an air of mysticism when you think of Bourbon Street.

2)King of New Orleans- Better Than Ezra
-We get in a little guitar pop action with LSU alums BTE. This is a great 90's alternative rock song.

3)WWOZ- Tune into their live stream for the best New Orleans has to offer! Anything I offer just pales in comparison to what they have running all day long.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fortuna's Cycle Has Spun Me Downward

Tonight I am posting about my second favorite book at this point in my life. Yesterday I wrote about The Grandissimes a book focusing on the Creole culture in New Orleans. Tonight's book will be focusing on a much different element of New Orleans society: the lwo-lifes.

A Confederacy of Dunces was written by John Kennedy Toole, and Toole's story is one that needs to be introduced before Ignatius J. Reilly's story is introduced.

Not long after he finished witing this book Toole comitted suicide. After this tragedy Toole's mother brought this manuscript to Tulane Professor and award winning author Walker Percy to see if he could get it published. Percy grudgingly agreed to read the manuscript because he felt obliged to the grieving mother. He expected the manuscript to be as worthless as countless others he had read. He expected to be bored by page 10. When he found that he wasn't bored he was disappointed, and for a while he wouldn't admit he was ACTUALLY interested in the story. But he fell for it and hung on every single word Toole had written. By the time he had finished he had discovered something that wasn't the throwaway he thought it would be.... but instead it was a work of pure genius. Toole's work of genius one the Pulitzer in 1980.

Now to the story.... the book centers around one Ignatius J. Reilly a character of Shakespearean drama. I can honestly say without exaggerating that Ignatius may be the most ridiculous character in American literature. EVER. I like to exaggerate and use superlatives... but Ignatius is truly one of a kind. Grossly overweight, over educated, terribly lazy, disgustingly rude, a man with absurd prejudices and fears, and a fixation for the wonderfully named Myrna Minkoff. Every single one of his actions is equally egnigmatic and hilarious. His belief in Fortuna's wheel almost convinces the reader that it really might exist as he drags every other character in the book into his bizarre web.

This book is simply a beautiful piece of pure genius. Thanks to Toole I can't pass Constantinople Street in New Orleans or pass the state mental hospital in Mandeville without thinking about Ignatius and this book. Individual scenes like when Ignatius lies in bed and dreams of his dead dog or when Ignatius tries to run a political rally alone make this book a comedic success... but the whole thing together is sheer beauty and absurdity wrapped together. I can't recommend this enough. How is this not a movie?

Little Bitty Boy With a Heart of Steel

Well tonight those of you in the New Orleans area would have had the chance to see three parades rolling through the Uptown streets. Unfortunately I was stuck here in BR but here are the three parades that rolled tonight:

-Krewe of Morpheus- A fairly new Krewe, I have never actually seen their parade. Usually they roll on Tuesday or Wednesday if I am not mistaken.

-Knights of C.H.A.O.S.- The name has always struck me as lame, but as long as the parade is good right? Anyway this is also a new krewe... sort of. They are mostly made up of Momus members and they carry the same sort of secretive and satirical tradition as Momus. For those of you not familiar with Knights of Momus they are one of the old linke krewes. They were founded in 1881 but stopped parading in 1991 but stopped parading due to the same bullshit New Orleans City Council resolution that ended Comus' parading days. I haven't been able to see Chaos since they started rolling a few years back.

-Knights of Babylon- They are one of the oldest krewes still rolling. They were founded in 1939 and consisted mainly of city doctors I believe. In any event they are a secretive parade who put on one of the best parades of the season. They are known with sticking with some of the old traditions of Mardi Gras. Its been a while since I have seen them and I am sorry to have missed them tonight.

Tomorrow on the streets of New Orleans:
-Krewe of Muses- The second largest all-female krewe. I saw them their first year and they were pretty good back then five or so years ago. They are known for a lot of neat girly throws like shoe beads and little purses. Definitely some interesting and original stuff from them. Hopefully I will be there.

-Krewe of Hermes- One of the older krewes. They are very similar to Knights of Babylon. They are known for putting on a very traditional and beautiful parade.

-Le Krewe D'Etat- This krewe is about ten years old and are one of the best parades of the season hands down. The parade is very traditional in that it is secretive and likes to keep things under tight raps. The hallmark of this parade is the floats. Not only are the floats absolutely beautiful to look at but they are also display the most biting sarcasm and satire of any parade. Without a doubt Le Krewe D'Etat is one of the unique experiences of the Carnival season.

Hopefully tomorrow I will post a bit on Saturday's fare.

The musical selections for the day:
1)Stag-O-Lee- Professor Longhair
-Always a favorite of New Orleans musicians. 'Fess proves once again why he is truly the King of New Orleans piano.

2)Hey Hey- The Wild Tchoupitoulas
-This is a beautiful song that gives you a feeling of the Mardi Gras Indians. Possibly one of the most beautiful Mardi Gras songs.

3)Hey Pocky A-Way- The Meters
-A Mardi Gras classic. Many people have heard this song so it doesn't really need any introduction.

Thursday Reveille Blogging

Today's Reveille had a column about the departure of System President William Jenkins.

I really think this whole situation just reeks of corruption. The fact that the search commitee doesn't have ANY faculty members from the main campus in BR and only has ONE student representative (from LSU-Shreveport) is ridiculous. In my opinion it is the interests of the students and faculty of the main campus that need to be protected the most. We are where everything begins and ends with LSU. When people think of LSU they don't think of LSU-Shreveport or any other satellite location, they think of Baton Rouge and the main campus.

Furthermore a change is not something we need right now at that level. President Jenkins has proved himself able and competent in his position. Now I certainly believe that there needs to be some changes in regards to LSU in Baton Rouge, but the replacement of Jenkins could not come at a worse time.

I just hope the search commitee actually does a bit of searching for the right candidate for the job.

Kyle Has Moved!


Kyle previously wrote the Kyle On Football blog which was one of my favorite blogs out there. His blog was one of the most insightful on college football and SEC football, and certainly the most insightful on Georgia ball. His constant posting of rivers of information helped him make countless arguments against West Virginia and for a Georgia-Michigan matchup. If you are a football fan and don't already read Kyle's stuff then I suggest you start now. Plus his Weekly Weblog Challenge forces me to fit Kerwin Bell, Phil Esterhaus, and the Seneca Falls Convention into my posts.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bal Masques and Hand Balls

So my Dutch team AJAX did not keep their lead earlier today. Internazionale came back to hit two, one from Stankovic and the other from Cruz, who by all accounts should have seen red for a tackle on Trabelsi. Anyway I can't say I am too disappointed considering I predicted a loss earlier today. AJAX was just missing too much. In many ways their squad was like Hill Street Blues without Phil Esterhaus... it just wasn't the same. Especially with Sneijder missing. In other matches Chelsea lost (thank God) to Barca, Rangers and Villareal drew, and Werder Bremen beat Juve in a 3-2 thriller. The Barca match was controversial considering the sending-off of Asier Del Horno but it seemed justified to me. Plus a few minutes later the refs missed a Chelsea handball in the box that should have been a penalty for Barcelona. Hopefully AJAX can pull out a win or a 3-3 draw in two weeks.

In keeping with the theme of this week (that of New Orleans and Mardi Gras) I am going to introduce you to my three favorite books in the next three days. Thus all of my favorite books are centered around Louisiana culture correct? Yes sir. Though I will say Louisiana is not the limit of my literary tastes. I also enjoy various types of British literature including some Dickens and especially the works of Sir Walter Scott (Waverley is definitely top 10). I've tried some Joyce but I will have to attempt that again sometime. I also plan on conquering some Wodehouse, more Dickens, Kipling, and various other works of fame. I also have a deep appreciation for Civil War stuff. I have managed to meander my way through several Civil War books over the past few years.

Anyway back to what is at hand. My number 3 book of all time that I have read in my 18 years, as you can see above, is THE GRANDISSIMES by George Washington Cable. Cable was a foreigner (a yankee) who moved down to New Orleans and wrote about New Orleans culture, specifically Creole culture. Many of the Creoles did not like what he had to say. Being a regionalistic writer Cable is often compared to Mark Twain but I have never really had much of a taste for Twain. But the comparison does strike true in that both like to employ a heavy usage of local dialect. The English of many of the Creole characters in THE GRANDISSIMES is very Creole-inflected and that romantic botched-English accent leads you to a sort of affection for some of the Creole characters, especially the two main female characters.

The story itself centers around a young German-American: Frowenfel (sp? I loaned my book out!) who has just moved from a foreign country (hint: starts with P and ends with ennsylvania) and is new in New Orleans. He gets hit with a terrible fever right as he gets to town and almost dies. He recovers though and he gradually integrates into the Creole society and even opens up his own pharmacy. The story also centers around a pair of men named Honore Grandissime. They are related but very different, one is very charismatic and the head of the family. The other is shackled by being colored (in the Louisiana creole style) and having no "niche" in the family. Both Honores must deal with their own pressures and struggles. Naturally the stories of the three men and the stories of the mother-and-daughter which I referenced earlier for having beautiful accents become entangled and intertwined.

Where the book really shines however is its looks into Creole life. The book opens with a bal masque that is wonderfully entertaining to the reader since it is a largely out-of-date practice (except for a few Mardi Gras krewes who still put them on). Also there is a vivid story of an African prince who is brought to Louisiana as a slave and how he struggles with suddenly being a subordinate. Also the looks into the lives of the colored Creoles is very interesting considering their culture was one that only existed in S Louisiana. They were truly unique.

I recommend THE GRANDISSIMES to anyone interested in learning about southern, especially New Orleans culture. Cable gives you a fascinating look into the lives of the flamboyant and passionate Creoles which once had the run of the state.

The Creoles and Cajuns helped establish the state as being firmly Catholic, especially in south Louisiana. The influx of Protestant whites into the northern and central parts of the state especially has helped to make Louisiana a state of fascinating culture divides. Once you journey north of the Baton Rouge area its mostly Protestant country. This has created a fundamental divide between north and south Louisiana ever since Louisiana became part of the Union. The divide isn't just about south Louisianians following the doctrines of the Council of Trent... its not necessarily about religion at all. There is just a *difference* between north and south Louisiana. To people from outside of the state it may not appear to be so. Louisianians are Louisianians after all. Like what is the difference between Kerwin and Kentrell Bell (are they related)? But this fundamental cultural divide has driven Louisiana politics for the past two centuries. It is more than just New Orleanians using the term "neutral ground" and north Louisianians saying "median". Case in point: in some south Louisiana parishes you can go to a drive through daquiri shop and get a daquiri for the road. In some north Louisiana parishes you can't
even buy beer on Sunday! How does this relate to Mardi Gras or THE GRANSISSIMES? Well the book gives you some of those insights into the foundations of Louisiana culture.... the same culture that produces our wonderful celebration of Mardi Gras.

As in most southern states the subject of race has been a very interesting one in Louisiana. In many ways Louisiana was much more tolerant than other states. For instance you can see in THE GRANDISSIMES that there was a whole section of society in which the colored creoles moved. But at the same time Louisiana is the state notorious for such incidents as when Plessey boarded the train from New Orleans to Covington (where I went to high school) which led to Plessey vs. Ferguson and "seperate but equal".

The political dynasty of our state: the Long family always took an interesting position on race. For instance when Charity Hospital was built in New Orleans several black leaders in Louisiana went to Huey and complained there wasn't enough black nurses in the hospital. So Huey agreed to help them and change this but indicated that they would not like the way he did it. So whenever he visited Charity Hospital he flew into a rage and ranted and raved that under no circumstances should white women be waiting on and nursing black men.

Earl Long was similar to his brother Huey. Towards the end of his life in 1959 and 1960 when he was about to campaign for what would have been his fourth term he battled vehemently against taking black votes off the rolls. It wasn't because he necessarily thought it was wrong... the black vote helped him significantly in every election. He argued so hard against taking black names off that he eventually went off his rocker for a while and was sent to Texas to recover. He made his way back via the state mental hospital in my hometown of Mandeville and eventually resumed his gubernatorial duties. In any event after he passed away the state legislation to take black votes off the rolls was struck down and it was declared a victory for civil rights. Not once was it mentioned that Earl Long had fought as hard as he did to have the legislation struck down.

Louisiana's race relations have often been very confusing. I will leave you by encouraging you to check out Cable's book because it certainly gives insight into such matters. I will also leave you with a bit of irony: Louisiana is a state that has often been a hotbed for the Klan. Indeed the notorious David Duke attended LSU for a while and was almost elected Governor (in possibly the worst runoff in the history of the world: slimy corrupt and now imprisoned Edwin Edwards vs. racist bigot David Duke!). Yet one of the state's greatest men: Judah P. Benjamin was Jewish. Ironically he was also one of the most able men to serve the Confederate government... the same government the Klan likes to idolize while performing their anti-black anti-semitic anti-Catholic acts. So in that vein I will offer up a wonderful quote from the venerable Judah P. Benjamin: "It is true that I am a Jew, and when my ancestors were receiving their Ten Commandments from the immediate Deity, amidst the thundering and lightnings of Mt. Sinai, the ancestors of my opponent (the racist Senator Benjamin Wade of Ohio) were herding swine in the forests of Great Britain."

Sporting Updates

Today is the second half of the first of leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. My predictions for today's matches:

Rangers-Villareal- (Glasgow) I think Rangers will take a shock lead early on but play will slow down considerably because the Scots will want to protect the lead. Riquelme should be in the lineup for the Spanish side and that should make all the difference. In the second half all the chances will go to Villareal and sooner or later they will hit one. Prediction: 1-1

Werder Bremen-Juventus- (Bremen) I'm not much of an authority on German football but I do know that Juve is playing some of the best football in the world right now. Thus Werder will have a tough time ahead taking the points. I look to see a game here where Juve go out to get a goal and sit on the lead. I think Trezeguet will score for Juve and they will protect that lead. The key for them is to not let Klose or Klasnic not get too many chances. Prediction: 0-1 Juventus

Chelsea-Barcelona- (London) Ahh yes, the draw of the tournament this year. Who will take it here? Will it be Chelsea with Terry, Lampard, Drogba, and Cech? Or will it be Barcelona with Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Messi, Puyol, and Deco? Both teams will try to force their trademark styles on each other and the game will be a wonderful clash of these two styles. I look to see Chelsea draw first blood with Lampard scoring on a corner. Roaldinho will lead the charge as Barca try to equalise and get that crucial away goal. I think Eto'o does it for them just after the half. The game will settle down for a while as Barca sit on their away goal and Chelsea try not to let Barca get anything going. But as the match winds down I expect each team to kick it back in gear. I think Crespo gets the winner in the last ten minutes of the match. Prediction: 2-1 Chelsea

AJAX-Inter- (Amsterdam) Well my team will be missing some crucial cogs in Grygera and Galasek. Despite winning against lowly RBC 6-0 this weekend we have been struggling all year long. I expect Inter to dominate a weak Amsterdam side. Markus Rosenberg will score in the second half but it won't be enough. Prediction: 2-1 Inter

In college basketball LSU takes on Vandy tonight in Nashville. I've been down on our team lately, which we don't deserve, but I have not seen much from our last few games. Tyrus Thomas's play has slipped and I'm less-and-less convinced about Glen Davis every game. I think we lose tonight to the Commies.

Also, does anyone want to give me a job?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Just one week until Mardi Gras!

I've added a few links the last few days:

Hey Jenny Slater- This is another football related blog that I tend to read a few times a week. Doug's blog features both good insight and a bit of satire and comedy. He's a Georgia blogger.

Swamp Ball- This is a very informative UF site, pretty much anything you need to know about Gator athletics is here.

Eccentric Southern Gentleman- I labelled Nico's blog as a football blog but I think its very in-line with some of what I like to do here. He's a guy who doesn't just focus on athletics or football specifically but likes to talk about movies, religion, literature, etc. Eccentric Southern Gentleman has quickly become a daily read of mine.

Live Music Blog- Justin Ward's blog is one of the most informative blogs out there when it comes to music. He has me debating whether to attend Bonnaroo or Summer Camp (in Illinois).

Burning Oak- I loved the Smilin Singles posts and I have similar tastes in music. Check it out.

Ear Farm- The Live Friday stuff is immaculate. I loved hearing the Blur, New Order, Talking Heads, etc. live stuff that he has posted.

David Byrne- Byrne is one of the most interesting human beings alive in my opinion. As a former teacher described him: "that guy is a real space cadet." Exactly.

Soccernet- My daily source for info on the beautiful game.

Big Soccer- A great place to find out pretty much ANYTHING about soccer. The network of communication and discussion that has been established here is just mind-boggling.

Du Nord- In my opinion this is the best soccer blog I have read. Excellent source of information and links supplied on a daily basis.

Ajax-USA- This is a website for American followers of my favorite club team: Ajax Amsterdam.

Yesterday I talked about my newest link Luaka Bop.

I might be adding some Louisiana sites later on this week. It just depends when I get around to it. I hate that you have to pay for a freakin political newsletter!

Speaking of aoccer I was able to see today's match between Real Madrid and Arsenal... and wow did Real look completely unimpressive and unprepared. They ought to have taken care of Arsenal's makeshift backline easily. Tomorrow I will be cheering for Ajax to pull out an upset and for Barca to derail Chelsea since I hate Chelsea. Go AJAX!

Here are my musical reccomendations for today:

1)Tipitina- Professor Longhair
-Possibly his most famous song, it is also the first song of his that I actually listened to closely. It also made me look at New Orleans music in a whole different light and therefore I became interested in it. This happened when I was about 15 or so. The famous club which I have linked on my blogroll is named for this song.

2)Alligator Stomp- Clifton Chenier
-The King of Zydeco/Cajun music is Chenier so he is a must on any sort of ode to Mardi Gras. Anyway this is an accordion led instrumental. Its very different from what you would listen to normally, but its always good to spice up your musical tastes.

3)Santa Cruzin- Soul Rebels Brass Band
-This is another instrumental and also the second time I have reccomended a brass bamd this week. Soul Rebels are known for fusing more rap, African beats, and Reggae into their funk than say Rebirth or Dirty Dozen.

Whenever I can I will try and post mp3's for all of these songs.

Additionally there are a few good shows over the next few nights. Tonight Louisiana country singer Marc Broussard, whose brand of country is much more blues and funk based than most country is playing at Sogo. Tomorrow night Texas country singer Cory Morrow is playing at the Varsity. On Thursday Blues Traveler is at the Varsity. Friday Bob Schneider plays Sogo. Additionally there are some amazing shows including Moe. at the HoB on Mardi Gras night coming up this week in New Orleans which I will list.

Oh yeah, LSU beat AU the other night. Yawn. Can't wait to lose in the 1st round. Again.

I plan on posting some other stuff sometime this week which I have been talking about for a while now but that will have to wait until I stop being lazy.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Iko Iko Un Day, Jockomo Feeno A Na Nay, Iko Iko Un Day

Well its the most wonderful time of the year and naturally everything is in celebration mode. So with that in mind I am going to offer you a little more than just a random three songs for today.

Earlier today I discovered the beauty of Luaka Bop. If you are any type of music fan you ought to be able to appreciate some of the stuff on Luaka Bop. I especially like their Latin stuff.

Also last night I became a huge fan of The B-52's. The sheer craziness of songs like Dance This Mess Around and Planet Claire is just mind-boggling. I love their humor and their knack for lists and 50's dance crazes (the aqua velva? the hip-o-crit? the SHY TUNA?).

I've also been in a very New Order mood lately.

But since its Mardi Gras I am here to offer you some music of the sweetest variety to get you in that Carnival spirit. So here are three suggestions to get you excited for Babylon, Hermes, D'Etat, Tucks, Iris, etc.

1)Iko Iko- The Dixie Cups
-The Dixie Cups sing my favorite version of this song. I've also heard very good renditions done by many artists including Dr. John and The Grateful Dead. This is a Mardi Gras classic and the chorus is so wonderful and catchy even though its in French.

2)Do Whatcha Wanna-Rebirth Brass Band
-This is another New Orleans classic. I have always loved Rebirth's version. Rebirth are the current torch-bearers for New Orleans brass bands and funk music in my opinion. Naturally they ought to have a wonderful Mardi Gras song.

3)Walkin To New Orleans- Fats Domino
-A true classic that isn't just for Mardi Gras. This song will truly put that New Orleans spirit in your heart. Fats is the legend of the scene today and this is one of his true legendary songs.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weekend Update

Well I am mostly occupied this weekend but here are the highlights and plans:

-My alma mater Saint Paul's School in Covington, La won the District Championship in basketball last night. When I was at SPS I was a devoted follower of the exploits of our basketball team. I will definitely make an attempt to attend the first round playoff game.

-LSU travels to Auburn this afternoon. Prediction: LSU 77 Auburn 60

-My hometown of Mandeville, La held its first Mardi Gras parade last night as the Krewe of Eve rolled through the suburban streets. I was there to watch as the ladies of the Northshore threw to the crowds. This Eve parade was like most: they didn't really throw to much but exciting in that it kicked off the parade season.

-I don't plan on making any more parades this weekend either on the Northshore (north of Lake Pontchartrain) or in New Orleans. But next week/weekend will put me in New Orleans for most of the festivities.

-Later on I plan on updating more of my links to include more daily reads: EarFarm, Big Soccer, Du Nord, Hey Jenny Slater, Ajax America, and of course David Byrne's website.

-I also have some posts in the works regarding those updates, a response to some of Heismanpundit's insanity, my response to Kyle's challenge, the concert listings for the area for the next week or so, and a rundown of the Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans next week.

-I also plan on giving readers a helpful suggestion of what songs to listen to in order to get in that Mardi Gras spirit. Expect a heavy dose of Professor Longhair and Doctor John.

-Plus I have to study for a Poli Sci test. Fun.

-And I might link a few selections from the Reveille from the last week.

Musical suggestion (for now): New Order- "Ceremony"

Thursday, February 16, 2006


The game was exceptionally boring, I left with 13 minutes left in the game.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jazz Fest 2006 Lineup Announced

Well finally the lineup has been announced!

The headliners: Fats Domino, The Meters, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Buffet, Dave Matthews Band, Paul Simon, Lionel Richie, Allen Toussaint with Elvis Costello, Dr. John, Galactic, The Radiators, Rebirth Brass Band, etc. etc.

To check out the full list go HERE

What's also interesting is who ISN'T there: The Neville Brothers (who traditionally close out the Fest) and U2. NOLA had originally listed U2 as one of the performers for this year's Fest but it turns out that this is not true.

Anyway the lineup looks amazing and I can't wait til April. Who am I most excited about? Jimmy Buffett probably




As Tom Petty would say: "The waiting is the hardest part."

Links From The Blog World

Here's a link from the blog world: HP shows how much of a tool he is. I don't even know where to start. Sometime tomorrow I'm going to get around to discussing his points and why he is hilariously wrong. Stay tuned.

Jazz Fest Announcement Update

The official artist list announcement for Jazz Fest will come at 2 PM CST. You can tune into WWOZ to hear the announcement made live.

LSU vs. Mississippi State

I don't anticipate any problems tonight versus the Bulldogs. They are simply not the same team they have been in the early part of this decade. Anyway seeing as how we were able to get a W in Starkvegas I think we ought to be able to do the same in the PMAC tonight. I consider every game to be a must win but this one is especially important because we can't afford to get into any sort of funk after the loss to Florida. I think we get a double-digit win tonight. Expect D-Mitchell and Tyrus to each have big games for the Tigers.

Download some live Of Montreal!

Head over to Cable and Tweed to download Of Montreal's Atlanta show. From what I can tell its very similar to what they played in Baton Rouge about a month ago.




God forbid if they haven't announced the lineup by the time I have to leave ofr my 3:30!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bonus Valentine's Day Material

Here's a few bonus music suggestions for your V-day celebrations:

For those having a loving day:
1)Blue Sky- The Allman Brothers Band
-This is one of my favorite songs by this band and in fact one of my favorite songs of all time. The song evokes such a peaceful easy, contedness that its hard not to love. It is similar to Sugar Magnolia by the Dead in that it makes you thing of a young springtime love.

2)Hotel Yorba- The White Stripes
-This is one of my favorite songs from the White Stripes. It once again has those qualities of newfound love.

3)I Second That Emotion- Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
-A little Motown action is almost mandatory.

4)I'm Always In Love- Wilco
-This one comes from Summerteeth, my favorite Wilco album. Its a sweet song about the romantics who are always in love (obviously). Very catchy, very good.

5)I'm the Man Who Loves You- Wilco
-Another Wilco song. This one is an upbeat song with a lot of nice guitar action. Its one of Wilco's more mainstream pop songs.

For those not loving V-Day:
I'm only offering you two songs, but they are real killers:

1)Via Chicago- Wilco
-Maybe the most depressing song in the history of the world. EVER.

2)Pieholden Suite- Wilco
-Possibly the most beautiful song in the world. EVER. Obviously I'm a fan of superlatives. The second verse always gets me, and the breakdown and transition in the middle/end of the song is the highlight of the album and one of the highlights of their career in my opinion.

The Hold Steady concert review

Last Saturday night I took a trip down Highland to the Spanish Moon to check out Brooklyn/Minnesota indie-rock outfit The Hold Steady. The openers were The Plastic Constellations and Swearing At Motorists. Tickets were $10, a nice price for what could be an amazing show.

The venue was surprisingly empty considering that the only other concert I had seen there Of Montreal was completely packed from wall-to-wall. The patrons were mostly the indie-hipster crowd which meant that once again I was the odd-man-out since I was sporting Widespread hat/Polo sweater/Levi's 501s/Sperry Topsiders.

The first opener The Plastic Constellations wasn't that good, they seemed too much like a bubblegum- almost emo band. I didn't really get into them very much. The second band Swearing at Motorists was interesting since they were a guitar-and-drums band a la The White Stripes. They were pretty entertaining but their jams could probably use a little work. The repetitive lyrics turned me off also.

But since I had never heard of either of them I wasn't there to see those bands. I was there to hear The Hold Steady. I had acquired their album Almost Killed Me about a week before their show but didn't have enough time to enjoy it to know their stuff that well. The fact that I did not know most of the songs they played definitely made the show a little less enjoyable. But then again its always exciting to experience a band for the very first time at one of their shows.

Anyway most of the stuff was pretty edgy fast-paced rock n' roll. The lyrical style of Craig Finn is reminiscent of Bob Dylan in that it is a rambling narrative style. Most of his songs tell some sort of story, many of which deal with his experiences from the 80's and all the partying he did. His songs are also very witty with random allusions to people like Robbie Robertson and Rick Danko that are sometimes hard to pick up when you are enjoying the music. The only downfall of this lyrical style is the lack of a chorus, which means you can't yell along while rocking out unless if you sacrifice hours to memorize the songs.

The only real disappointment from the show was the fact that they didn't play an encore. The venue was relatively empty so I could understand if the band wasn't happy about that, but I still would have liked to have seen them throw a cover or two in there and play an encore. With that being said everything sounded good including their brand new stuff.

The two most important questions regarding a show review:
Was the show worth the price of admission ($10)? Absolutely
Would I recomend the band to others to check out? Definitely, go see them if you can!

Tuesday Reveille Blogging

I simply cannot get enough of this cartoon in today's edition of the Daily Reveille. Interestingly enough (for me at least) the cartoonist is a fellow graduate of Saint Paul's School in Covington, Louisiana.

LSU Basketball Update

The Tigers managed to move into the top-25 in both polls this week despite their loss to Florida last weekend. The loss was not surprising at all in fact it was what I expected. The loss did however expose some of LSU's weaknesses:

-Tyrus Thomas simply CANNOT get into foul trouble. The frequent absence of Thomas on the floor severely limited our defensive capabilities. Tyrus has done a good job throughout most of the season playing physical basketball and staying out of foul trouble at the same time. We just cannot have our best defensive player on the bench at crucial times in crucial games.

-Our ballhandling abilities are sketchy at best. This is something that all Tiger fans know however. Tack Minor went down with a season-ending injury at the beginning of the season and that left our starting SG Darrell Mitchell to play PG. Freshman Ben Voogd has shared some of the ballhandling duties as has Frosh SG Garrett Temple, but none of them are exactly ideal solutions to our problems. It remains to be seen how much this will be a factor in tough games later on down the stretch.

-Glen Davis should not get the ball outside of the paint. The fact is that his decision making with the ball in his hands outside the paint is poor at best. He continually makes stupid decisions whether its to shoot three-pointers, drive headlong into the lane with no regard to who is guarding him, throwing errant passes to guarded players, or simply holding onto the ball for what seems like minutes at a time (like he did against Alabama). Big Baby is incredible down low and often defies logic with his ballerina style moves under the basket, but his decision making outside of the paint has been a liability for the Tigers at several points this year.

With that being said I am pretty much stunned at how well we have played for much of the year. As I said a few weeks ago this team has a real shot at doing something incredible. I'm on board for the trip.

Valentine's Day Music

I like what Burning Oak has been doing over at his place in suggesting happy music for Valentine's Day so I figure I'd like to suggest some of my own music. Now I'm not high tech enough to post the actual mp3's on here.... but whatever. If you want you can follow up on my suggestions:

For Those Having a Happy Valentine's Day:
1)Just Like Heaven- The Cure
-This one is probably a bit cliche but nevertheless its a lovely song. The opening lines will be stuck in your head forever. Show me show me show me how you do that trick...

2)Such A Night- Dr. John
-I couldn't stay away from the Doctor. This song is great because it creates an air of magic.

3)Gringo Honeymoon (live)- Robert Earl Keen
-This one comes from my favorite country artist. Keen creates a wonderful atmosphere with this song, an atmospehere of vacation, relaxing, and perfection with the one you love.

4)Here Come's My Girl- Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
-Because you want to shout it: Hey! Here comes my girl! Here comes my girl...

5)Sugar Magnolia (live)- The Grateful Dead
-This was the song that got me into the Dead. I love this song because its such a happy, shiny, spring-time flowery love song. When the Sugar Magnolia and Sunshine Daydream parts of the song are done equally beautifully this is a wonderful song that makes you daydream of picnicking with some flower girl.

For those bitter about Valentine's Day:

This list was kind of hard to come up with since I mostly listen to happy music. But I came up with a few appropriate songs:

1)It Makes No Difference- The Band
-One of the most heartbreaking songs I've ever heard. The Band has a real knack for creating songs that are just heart-wrenching: Tears of Rage, The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down, and It Makes No Difference are the most notable of them.

2)You Can't Hurry Love- Diana Ross & the Supremes
-This is my favorite song from the Motown era. Diana Ross's voice is just so sweet I can't get enough of it. This is a very bittersweet song, don't let the upbeat tone of the song fool you.

3)Always Something There To Remind Me- Naked Eyes
-A little something from the 80's.

4)Me and Bobby McGee- Janis Joplin
-This is a sad song time about missing the good ol' times. Janis didn't originally perform this song (Kris Kristofferson did) but I think hers is the best version.

5)Train In Vain- The Clash
-Cliche, but still very good, and still very appropriate.

I'll be back later for some bonus suggestions featuring Wilco.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Random Three

I'm interupting my enjoyment of New Order's Substance 1987 to bring you today's random three. Also I'll be back later tonite for music blogging as I review The Hold Steady's show at The Spanish Moon Saturday night.

1)Letter Never Sent- R.E.M.
-This one comes from Reckoning. The Athens band is part of my rotation and this album is heavily played in my house, car, ears, etc. This song features all the trademark R.E.M. aspects: start/stop song style, mumbley lyrics, the bass lines are out in front, jangly guitars, etc. This one is pretty good as far as R.E.M. songs go. It doesn't really stand out though, which can be a problem. Out of five stars: 3 1/2

2)Susie Q- Creedence Clearwater Revival
-This song is pretty well known. It occupies the opening slot on their greatest hits album Chronicle and it is an appropriate opener. The song features a sort of bluesy/country aspect that is common in all of their songs. You often feel like you are on the river while listening to CCR and this song is no different. Overall a very good song with a good chorus, solid musicianship, and not much to complain about. Out of five stars: 4

3)Moonshine- North Mississippi Allstars
-This is one of the best songs (others being Mean Ol' Wind Died Down and Horseshoe) from the best album I have purchased so far this year: Electric Blue Watermelon
. NMA is the best band out there today playing the old down-home rootsy country-blues southern rock. This song takes you back to back-country highways and good times under the stars during the late hours with some hard liquor. The song is excellent because it makes you yearn for the Mississippi country and the moonshine. Fantastic song. Out of five stars: 5

Its sooo clooooose!

On Wednesday the lineups for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival will be announced. I'm shaking with anticipation. Rumors of U2, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, and Paul Simon have been flying around. There are several questions about will it be more star-studded than usual? Will it be less? Are the Neville Brothers going to perform? I've been concocting dream lineups in my head which include Phish reunions and the ghost of Professor Longhair playing midnite shows at Tipitina's, and while neither of those will happen I think this year's lineup will be something special. I can't wait.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Regionalism, Music, and other such things

I was perusing my itunes when I noticed for the first time how much of my preferences in music fall along regional lines. Maybe its just a coincidence or because my preference in music mainly comes from certain regions, but I don't really think that's it.

Obviously New Orleans has its own style, or rather everyone that comes out of New Orleans has a common thread: Neville Brothers, Doctor John, Fats Domino, Galactic, Rebirth Brass Band, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Louis Armstrong, Harry Connick Jr., and Professor Longhair all have that distinguishable SOMETHING, that distinguishable flavor about them that tells you that they are from New Orleans.

Also for some reason I have a large amount of preference for bands or artists from the state of Georgia. On my links list I link the website of the band Widespread Panic. Widespread is a jam band from Athens. Also one of my all-time top 5 favorite bands: R.E.M. is also from Athens. You will also find on my playlists fellow Athenians The B52's and Of Montreal. Another Georgian band Drive-By-Truckers who is led by the wonderfully named Patterson Hood (who I always feel like renamed (not that he did rename himself) himself to make southerners think of the Confederate Civil War general John Bell Hood much in the same way that Joe Theismann wanted to sound like Heisman) makes a few appearences in my playlists. Furthermore many bands from around that area like The Allman Brothers are featured heavily in my listening rotation.

What is my point? I'm not really sure. Maybe its that certain regions just produce wonderful music. It makes sense for Brooklyn to produce hip bands or whatever, but does it necessarily make sense for Georgia to produce southern-rockers DBT, hip dance-rockers Of Montreal, the leaders of the 80's alternative revolution R.E.M., the jam band with what is currently the largest following (Widespread Panic), or the wonderfully eclectic B52's? Not really. For some reason, and this has always been true, the south produces music that is of a higher quality than most of the rest of the country.

I know there are spots everywhere that produce incredible music (Chicago, Austin, Motown!,SF) but I don't think there is so much variation in talent and so much quality music historically speaking as there is across Tennessee, Georgia, north Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Starting with such principles in music history as Hank Williams, Robert Johnson, and Louis Armstrong the south has been the leaders in music, constantly developing and inspiring other musicians to follow. Think of some of the world's greatest musicians: Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, Prince, Eric Clapton, whatever is your taste... the music of the south was in many ways the foundation for what they played.

I'm a regionalist, I love to support the south in various endeavors whether its silently cheering Beauregard while I'm reading T. Harry Williams's biography of him or I'm watching a football game I will largely cheer for a southern team to do well. Which brings me to football.

To quote Spiro Agnew, "the nattering nabobs of negativism" over at HP and to a lesser extent CFR have been down on SEC ball for a while now. Whatever. It doesn't matter how we run our offenses, who the coordinators are, the south will almost always play the best brand of football. The athletes are more incredible (Bo Jackson, Hershel Walker, Deion Sanders), the coaches more legendary (Bear Bryant, Johnny Vaught, Steve Spurrier), the traditions have more power (Howard's Rock, War Eagle, UGA Chapel Bell), and the girls are prettier (enough said, Nebraska may have a great football history but you don't see the same type of girls at husker games as you do at LSU, Ole Miss, UGA, Bama, etc.).

So I have come to the conclusion that while the south may lag behind in some aspects (like hillbillies who marry sisters, the NASCAR phenomenon, and apparently the Seneca Falls Declaration phenomenon hasn't hit a few trailer parks yet, they don't have any money and still the wimmen are forced to clean and cook), but in football, music, and oh yeah... ladies; the south is spectacular, the best in the country.

(this post was dedicated to Kyle)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

LSU Reveille blogging

The Reveille is usually a crapshoot. Yesterday I came away with nothing worth noting. Today however was packed with information including this column that I tend to agree with. The racial tensions have been high all year long with things coming to a climax during football season when the purple and gold Confederate Navy Jack was protested against vigorously by numerous black student organizations. This semester started off with a bang when the leader of these black student movements: Collins Phillips was hit with several campus sanctions, ironically by a black school official who had previously backed Phillips' efforts. The charges have since been dropped but hopefully this will not continue to be a dividing issue on our campus.

itunes survey

songs: 1135 (I know this ain't a lot but I cleared the memory on the hard drive before last semester and I had to replace all my songs and most songs I just left off).

First song: #2-Pat Green (can you say bubblegum college country?)
Last: Your Bright Baby Blues- Jackson Browne

First Artist: Aaron Neville
Last Artist: Wilco

First Album: A Ghost Is Born- Wilco
Last Album: not applicable since most of my stuff isn't even sorted by album

Shortest song: 1st down cheer :14(Geaux Tigers)- LSU (yes I have this on my itunes)
Longest: Dark Star (26:23)- The Grateful Dead

Top 3 most played (I always love the discrepancy between #1 and the rest...)
1. Sugar Magnolia (from Europe 72)- The Grateful Dead (83 times!)
2. Eyes of the World (live, not sure from what)- The Grateful Dead (37)
3. Acadian Driftwood (Northern Lights-Southern Cross)- The Band (35)

Grab bag: First on shuffle: Don't Stand So Close To Me- The Police

Sex: 0!
Death: 3
Love: 37
You: 98

Fun. Interesting.

LSU 78 Arkansas 77

All I can say is: WOW.


I'll never understand he we can give away a 13 point lead with five minutes left and be left with pretty much no chance to win the game. We managed to play hideous basketball in the last five minutes throwing up terrible shots (Mr. Davis I'm looking at you), not getting rebounds, and turning the ball over almost non-stop. Not only that but we consistantly could not stop them in the last five minutes and a Razorback win seemed inevitable. It looked even worse after we gave them the ball back with a two point lead and we put an 83% from-the-line WHITE GUY on the free throw line. How he managed to miss BOTH I will never know. So we managed to get the ball back but with still the same problem: how are we gonna move the ball and find a good shot? But then Darrell Mitchell stepped up for what seems like the 947th time this year and made a HUGE FUCKING SHOT with a man in his face to put us up by one.

The incredible shot puts uis at 8-1 on the season so far with a trip to Gainesville coming up this week. I hope for a victory but I'm not an idiot. Expect it to be close however.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wednesday Random Three

1)Amy Hit the Atmosphere- The Counting Crows
-I'm almost a little embarassed to still have the Crows on my itunes. Nevertheless this isn't a bad song. Its a slow ballad that kind of drifts between country and Elton John. This isn't my favorite Crows stuff (Mrs. Potter's Lullaby) and will likely be on the chopping block for my next itunes cut, but its a pretty good song. Out of five stars: 3

2)Such A Night- Dr. John
-Boy isn't Mac the man? I love the Doctor! This is probably his most famous song and stands out in my mind in many different ways. His performance of this song on The Last Waltz was one of my favorites of the show and I loved his dazzling look that night. The Doctor loves to dress up like a Mardi Gras Indian, well he's the Big Chief of New Orleans pianists right now I think. And "If I don't do it, you know somebody else will" is a great motto to live by. Out of five stars: 5

3)Drive- R.E.M.
-Drive is the opener for what I think is R.E.M.'s finest album: Automatic For the People. Drive is a sort of stop-and-start accoustic led song that features strong vocals from Stipe. Drive is a powerful opener in my opinion that sets you up for a powerful album. Out of five stars: 4

Shows Worth Your Cane's Money

Two things to note for non-Baton Rougians:

1)Every week there is a new edition of the "Tiger Weekly". The TW is the school's second student newspaper, the Reveilled is the first. The TW is more like a tabloid than a newspaper and one of its few redeeming qualities is that it prints a concert listing for that week (Thurs-Wed).

2)Raising Cane's is a fast food chain started in BR that serves mainly chicken (strips, sandwiches, etc.). It is a big hit among most LSU students, and although its definitely not as good as Popeye's, its still pretty good. Most students just call it Cane's rather than Rasing Cane's.

Anyway here are this weeks shows in Baton Rouge that are worth your Cane's money to attend:

1)Rebirth Brasss Band w/ Spoonfed Tribe Thursday Sogo Live $10
-A New Orleans tradition. Rebirth are one of the best brass bands to come out of New Orleans and are one of the best funk groups in the country probably. Rebirth can really bring the house down and their shows are always a great experience.

2)The Hold Steady w/ Swearing at Motorists, and the Plastic Constellation
Saturday The Spanish Moon
-I don't know much about The Hold Steady. The few tunes I have heard from their first album Almost Killed Us are pretty good. Allmusic likes to bring up Springsteen when they refer to The Hold Steady, and I'd say that is a fair comparison. I'm not sure what the charge is but I will definitely make an attempt to be there.

Arkansas at LSU

I'm not in the mood to go into a detailed prediction for tonite's game so I'll just tell you exactly what we need to do tonight to win:
1)Get the ball in the paint to Thomas and Davis
2)Contain Brewer
3)Mitchells need to hit their 3's

Final Prediction: LSU 73 Arkansas 62

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

LSU and ASU agree for 2015 and 2016

Well last year's barnburner in the desert will not be the only meeting between LSU and Arizona State in the next ten years. We are scheduled to return to Tempe in 2008 and recently Koetter's crew reached a deal with Skip Bertman and LSU to meet again in 2015 and 2016. The Sun Devils will come to BR in 2015 and LSU will go to Tempe in 2016.

Tuesday Random Three

1)Jack and Diane-John Cougar Mellencamp
-I'm sure all o' ya'll are familiar with this song. Its pretty good I guess, its nice to listen to when you are hanging out with friends or shooting pool I guess. Pretty good song overall. Out of five stars: 3

2)Cassidy-The Grateful Dead
-This Dead song comes from their 'So Many Roads'box set. For some reason I alway associate this song with "Deal", I'm not really sure why. This version of the song isn't musically upbeat enough, the music isn't loud enough, and it lacks energy and feeling that other versions have. The jam could have been a lot better I think in terms of sound quality. The lyrics as usual are fantastic, this is a Jerry song, a traditional first set song. Out of five stars: 3 1/2 (the version gets a 3, the song itself is a 4)

3)You're All I've Got Tonite- The Cars
-One of their best tunes in my opinion. Its traditional Cars radio hit stuff led by Ric Ocasek. Play it loud, sing it with emotion boys, this is a fantastic "driving around at night before the party" stuff. Not quite their best ("My Best Friend's Girl", "Shake It Up") but still some of their top stuff. Out of five stars: 3 1/2

Recruiting News

Only hours after receiving our final signee of the 2006 recruiting class (Keiland Williams) we landed our first commitment of 2007.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Random Three

By the way the Jazz Fest lineup for this year ought to be coming out VERY soon. Here's the random three for Sunday February 5:

1)Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (My Baby)- B.B. King and Dr. John
-I don't even know if this is the real name for the song, but whatever, Limewire users are like that. Anyway BB and Mac are fantastic together. I would love to see these two play together at Jazz Fest this year. Mac Rebbenack is my favorite piano player alive, I can't wait to see the Doctor in April/May. Out of five stars: 5!

2)Up the Junction- Squeeze
-I always thought this was a very sweet sounding song. Squeeze is a pretty good band, certainly one of my favorites from the 80's, and this is one of my favorite songs by them. The lyrics tell the story and it all comes together very well with the music. Out of five stars: 3 1/2

3)Here Comes My Girl- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
-God this makes me ready for Bonnaroo. This song FEELS so good, you know you want to tell the world, you know you want to shout it, "HEY! Here comes my girl!" Petty will always be near the top of my list. Out of five stars: 4

LSU finalizes 2006 football schedule

Yesterday LSU announced that their football schedule for this fall was completed. The trip to Auburn was moved up to mid-September and Fresno State was added as a home game for October 21. LSU ought to have one of the toughest schedules in the country,so its going to make students like me really happy when we win them all. Here's our schedule:

Sept 2- University of Louisiana at Lafayette (notice its NOT the University of Louisiana)

Sept 9- Arizona (I hope its like a freakin sauna for this one)

Sept 16- at Auburn

Sept 23- Tulane

Sept 30- Mississippi State

Oct 7- at Florida

Oct 14- Kentucky

Oct 21- Fresno State (sauna hopefully, the west coast teams can't hang with the humidity)

Nov 4- at Tennessee (if we don't get revenge for last year...)

Nov 11- Alabama

Nov 18- Ole Miss

Nov 24- at Arkansas

Alabama 67 LSU 62

Well we are no longer undefeated in SEC play after the Tide pulled away late in Tuscaloosa yesterday to get a five point win. Jean Felix and Ronald Steele were the catalysts for Mark Gottfried's team Saturday and a late move to a Box and 1 defense helped stymie LSU and protect the Crimson Tide lead.

LSU's unbeaten streak was sure to come to an end at some point, especially with a tough game against Arkansas this week and a trip to Gainesville next weekend. But Tiger fans will be disappointed at LSU's play in the last five minutes of the game as poor shot selection from team leaders Darrell Mitchell and Glen Davis plagued the purple and gold. Apparently John Brady's gameplan for the final five minutes consisted of having Davis and Mitchell alternate bullish drives into a wall of red and desperately attempt to throw something up only to be met by three or four Tide hands. When we got the lead back down for three instead of kicking the ball out to a wide-open Tasmin Mitchell for a 3-pointer on the fastbreak Darrell Mitchell elected to take it to the hoop. He got fouled which is fine, but then he went one-for-two from the line. THOSE ARE SHOTS YOU HAVE TO MAKE.

Nevertheless we played a good game for the most partand it was Alabama who beat us, not ourselves. This was a huge win for the Tide considering they are the quintessential NIT team and would love to be in the NCAA tourney. The fact that we started out 7-0 in the SEC still strikes me as being completely absurd. I can't wait to take down the Hogs on Wednesday.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Random Three

Well here's today's random three:

1)We're Just Friends-Wilco
-This song comes from their third album Summerteeth and is the more low-key song sandwiched between two of the albums more lush, poppier songs: A Shot In The Arm and I'm Always In Love. This song reminds me a lot of some of The Beatles stuff and is driven solely by Tweedy on the piano. Pretty good song. Out of five stars: 3 1/2

2)A Whiter Shade of Pale-Procol Harum
-From my Motown collection comes this song by Procol Harum. Simply put this is probably one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. There are really very few flaws with this song. Out of five stars: 4

3)Ophelia-The Band
-The Band is in my all-time top 5, all of their work is of a higher quality in my opinion. This song comes from their second-to-last album Northern Lights-Southern Cross and is one of the highlights of that album. Levon Helm sings this one and it has a very carefree feel to it. The trumpet section that backs The Band on this song really makes it a memorable one. As usual when Robbie Robertson's guitar is put in the forefront it simply amazes. This is one of my favorite songs by The Band. Out of five stars: 4 1/2

LSU at Alabama

A couple weeks ago we played the Tide at the PMAC and came out with a fifteen point win. Anybody who watched that game however knows that it was much closer than the score indicated. Alabama had the lead for parts of the game asnd was hanging tight before the Tigers pulled away to get a W.

Today I expect the same sort of game... just without the pulling away bit. From what I've heard Ronald Steele has really been on lately. I think he and the Crimson Tide will take this game to the wire. The keys for LSU are to stay out of foul trouble and to consistantly get the ball down low to Big Baby. If we can do this, and I think we can, I think we'll pull out a W.

Prediction: LSU 69 Alabama 64

Friday, February 03, 2006

Check out Charles Deas

New LSU recruit Charles Deas: Deas

Kyle's Mission In Life: Georgia vs Michigan

The pas couple of weeks one of the pre-eminent bloggers in the CFB blogosphere, and a daily read of mine, Kyle King has been promoting a possible matchup between Georgia and Michigan.

From a fan's perspective, a fan of college football in general, I completely agree with his notion of these two traditional powers hooking up one fall. Most college football fans have enjoyed the Texas/Ohio State, LSU/Virginia Tech, Tennessee/Notre Dame, Auburn/USC type matchups, and this would be another in a group of fantastic inter-sectional matchups. However if I was a fan of either of these teams I would put limitations on such a matchup. For example I would avoid scheduling it for the frist game of the year... otherwise you may run into possible beatdowns (LSU at Va Tech) or shaky performances (LSU vs Arizona State). Putting a matchup in the second weekend of Spetember would certainly work out well however, much like the UT/OSU game. There are some scheduling constraints (Doesn't Michigan play ND and UGA play USC usually in the second week?) but I am sure those could be worked around. These types of matchups are great for football and it will be a real experience to see LSU in a similar game against Virginia Tech next year in Tiger Stadium.

Bonnaroo Lineup Announced

The second greatest music festival in America (NO Jazz Fest is #1) will take place in Manchester, Tennessee from June 16-18. I plan on being there and celebrating my birthday (June 16) by listening to some good tunes. Here's the lineup: Bonnaroo Lineup

Five bands that I won't miss:
1)Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- I know Orson and Stranko are burned out on Petty but for me he ranks in my top ten favorite artists. I've always wanted to see Petty in concert and I can't think of anything better than to hear him play "American Girl", "The Waiting", and "Into the Great Wide Open."

2)Phil Lesh and Friends- My #1 band is The Grateful Dead, and even though it isn't the whole band obviously there is no way I'll miss this performance.

3)Dr. John- A New Orleans boy the inheritor of Professor Longhair's New Orleans blues piano (along with the venerable Allen Toussaint.)

4)Rebirth Brass Band- More New Orleans music. Rebirth is one of the most entertaining bands around, and if you don't find yourself getting down to their funk then you have icewater in your veins.

5)moe.- Supposedly one of the best jam bands out there. I might see them during the Mardi Gras holiday when they play in New Orleans. I haven't heard a bad thing about them.

Three I'm Not Excited About:
1)Death Cab For Cutie- I was over them a long time ago. Their brand of indie bores me nowadays.

2)Bright Eyes- See above. Unless if Emmylou Harris or someone like that joins them on stage.

3)Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder- Don't really appeal to me.

The rest I either don't know much about or I could definitely see myself enjoying.

Who I Wish Would Play:
Widespread Panic, String Cheese Incident, Galactic, Soul Rebels Brass Band, Allman Brothers, Wilco

Random Three

Each day I'll post three random songs from my itunes library. Todays three are:

1)Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans- Louis Armstrong with Billie Holiday
-I got this song shortly following the hurricane disaster in New Orleans and it was very appropriate. The quality is a little fuzzy but Armstrong and Holiday are unbelievable together. Out of five stars: 5

2)The Tracks of My Tears- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
-This was one of the first Motown songs I ever enjoyed. Smokey's voice is so soft and soulful and it works well with his backers on the "I need you" part of the song. In my opinion when he sings "So take a good luck at my face" it is one of the best moments in Motown. Out of five stars: 4

3)Finest Worksong- R.E.M.
-This one comes off the compilations Eponymous, which is one of my favorite albums. R.E.M. has always been one of my favorite bands and this is one of my favorite songs. Like always Stipe's voice is a little mumbley, but that's his style. The opening notes are some of the most energetic and empowering they ever played. Out of five stars: 4 1/2

LSU Basketball

Amazingly LSU is sitting atop the SEC Basketball standings at 7-0 as of today. I don't think anyone saw this coming a few weeks ago when we were failing to close games against UCONN, Cinncinatti, Ohio State, Northern Iowa, and Houston. Its especially surprising since LSU plays with only eight players: C Glen Davis, PF Tyrus Thomas, SF Tasmin Mitchell, SG Garrett Temple, PG Darrell Mitchell, F Darnell Lazare, G Ben Voogd, and F Magnum Rolle. The starting point guard coming into the year Tack Minor is out for the year after injuring himself in the early part of the season. Darrell Mitchell has been forced to play out of position to accomodate our lack of depth. This makes our run even more amazing.

We have several tough games to go starting this weekend at Alabama. After that we have games against Arkansas, at Florida, and Kentucky which should all be tough wins. Do I think we can remain undefeated? No... but we are now winning games that we would have lost in December, especially the last two games: Ole Miss had a ten point lead at one point and it was tied with very little time remaining, and Auburn came back on us to tie it up late, but we turned the heat up and ended up winning by more than ten.

We cannot afford to relax though, especially since coaching has always been inconsistent at LSU under Brady and our depth (or lack of depth)leaves little room for mistakes. If we stay healthy and stay alert we can definitely run the table.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


I used to run a blog called Death Valley Saturdays which focused on LSU football. But as my posting decreased so did my interest in blogging naturally (or vice-verse). As I was walking down Highland Road after class the other day I decided I wanted to continue blogging, but not just on LSU football. The name for the blog: The Highland Road Blog is a natural one considering how a lot of my material will probably come from whatever I think about during my strolls to and from class. For those of you not familiar with Baton Rouge or LSU Highland Road is the main street that runs through LSU's campus. Highland Road also runs all the way through Baton Rouge and out beyond the city for miles and miles. So naming a blog which will mostly be related to Baton Rouge and especially LSU after Highland Road seemed very appropriate to me. Expect me to cover a variety of topics: college football and basketball, music, politics, and other random musings. I appreciate your time in reading this. Enjoy Highland's offerings.